San Francisco Road Trip | Part Two

Similar to our part one of our road trip, we wanted to divulge with our readers some fun recommendations and places that stopped at long the way from Phoenix to San Francisco. If you missed Part One of our road trip, we drove through Long Beach & San Luis Obispo. We stopped at coffee shops, boutiques, restaurants, and had too many laughs with close friends along the way. (more…)

San Francisco Road Trip | Part One

When we decided to take this road trip months ago, we didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into. We have talked about taking a road trip up the coast of California since we started dating back in 2011, so when we finally made the decision to actually take it, we were both way too excited. We wanted to drive from Phoenix to San Francisco, and make stops along the way visiting different cities and towns we haven’t been fortunate to stop at. Matt, being from Santa Cruz, has seen his fair share of California but we wanted to share more of the cool stops along the way together, but honestly we just never made the time to plan our trip out. The biggest reason for our road trip is because we decided to go to Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco. It was destiny, right? So, rather than flying to SFO, we decided to finally make the drive and enjoy a couple of weeks on the road together.

We’ll be sharing a few different posts from our road trip and the route that we decided to take for anyone who is interested in taking their own California road trip similar to ours. (more…)

Birthday Celebrations at The Saguaro – Scottsdale, Arizona

This past weekend, we celebrated Matt’s birthday and we weren’t quite sure what to do. If you have been following our blog or social media accounts, you know we are big fans of supporting local and small businesses. When we need a break from day to day life, we often find ourselves browsing local hotels that are fun and really make for the ultimate staycation getaway.  After researching a little more of what was going on around town, I realized that there was a super fun pool party with local DJ’s from Arizona taking place at The Saguaro – Scottsdale. I thought it could be a lot of fun to get a group of our friends to come and have a pool day at the hotel!

We decided to book a king bed suite, with a pool view for the night, because why not. The hotel itself recently went through a really beautiful makeover on all of their rooms and upgraded as much as they could, with still keeping that charm of the original structure. Each door is painted a different color, each room has unique touches to them, and the furniture around the property was right up our alley. We love pulling inspiration from decor and furniture on our travels, so we were excited to stay and spend some time away ourselves to walk through the hotel. What we didn’t realized was how much space this hotel offers for events! Seriously, this place has ballrooms, boardrooms, event space for weddings, outdoor patio event space, and more. We left our getaway feeling refreshed and inspired to tackle some new work projects. We even left with a few ideas of fun photo shoots or events that we could potentially host at the hotel in the future. It is such a cute location, we want to share it with our readers and entice people to come visit Arizona!

Thank you so much to The Saguaro – Scottsdale for such a fun weekend! It was the perfect birthday trip and we are so excited to come back.

Camping in Joshua Tree

As mentioned on our new years post, we wanted to be sure to share some of our own adventures, inspiration and thoughts with you all here. What fun is having a public blog if you can’t share more about yourself? I know everyone says it, but we really REALLY love to travel. We love getting away to unplug, recharge and see new sights that are inspiring. We try to draw inspiration from our travels whether that be old signs on the side of the road, going to thrift stores in different cities, or just being away from technology to clear our head and find what could be next for us. We decided a camping trip was in order. Along with our good friends Sam and Kieran, who also love to camp, we decided to set a date and plan a trip. Sam (who we’ve talked about before here), always talks about how much she loves Joshua Tree. Matt and I have never been, so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try a new place out with someone who knows what they’re doing. And boy oh boy where we happy we did. (more…)

The Graduate Hotel in Tempe, Arizona

One of the best parts about living in Arizona, is how easily accessible each city is. If you want to find the best places to visit, you really do deserve to take some time off and be a tourist in your own state. We decided to take a day off and treat ourselves to a mini stay-cation at The Graduate Hotel in Tempe. The Graduate is a chain of hotels (they currently have 6) that are placed on college campuses in the United States. The cool thing about their brand is how they like to showcase a little bit of art and direction from whichever city they are in. For example, The Graduate Tempe plays with southwestern flair, but not in a cheesy or over the top way. Located right in the heart of Tempe on the ASU campus, we were walking distance to ASU Gammage Theater, the movie theater, multiple restaurants and bar, or shopping! We actually decided to catch a film at the local movie theater right down the street the night of our stay. But, you won’t need to walk very far if you’re staying at The Graduate Tempe. With their own coffee shop, diner (The Normal Diner) and dinner joint (Tapacubo), you’re able to cure your appetite all in one place.  The entire place is designed with a nod to college life; specially classroom & dorm decor. The information book in our room was designed like a composition notebook, the room key was an old student ID, the ‘do not disturb’ door hanger was an old college style pendant flag – we LOVED all of the design work that was thought up and put into this place. We do a ton of design work within the wedding and event industry, so to see a fun and creative way for a hotel to be designed was a fun aspect to see. We kept trying to find other cute design elements through out our stay. During our stay, the Broadway musical Matilda was in town. We actually went to see the play at ASU Gammage a week before. It was incredible! The cherry on top of our stay, was seeing some of the cast around the lobby and diner. We had no idea that the entire cast was staying at The Graduate Tempe, but when we chatted with a couple of the girls and their moms, we felt star struck. If you know us at all, you know we are avid musical theater goers. The Graduate Tempe has a rooftop bar and a ballroom for any type of event. While we were visiting, we snuck up to the roof to grab a couple of pictures, sit outside and enjoy the nice weather. If you want to check out the rooftop space on your own, you can swing by anytime! A fun event coming up that will actually be taking place on the roof top is a local pop up shop hosted by Paige Poppe on March 25th. We are looking forward to following along with The Graduate Tempe to see what other events and local pop ups they have planned.