Rowhouse 25

We shared a really brief post a few months back announcing a exciting project; Rowhouse 25. This one of a kind rowhousehas seen a LOT of history. Manuel Robles made the adobes and built this house in 1881. The single-story residence is an excellent example of a modified Sonoran – style rowhouse. But what exactly IS a rowhouse?? Rowhouses line a street in a row, whereas town houses may be situated or grouped in different layouts within a development. Rowhouses are two or more identical or nearly identical units that share a common wall on one or both sides of the unit. Rowhouse demand increased in the early 19th century through the 20th century and provided single-family and multi-family functionality. Originally, our rowhouse was an L-shaped structure with a flat earth-filled roof. We are talking about mud, clay and saguaro cactus skeletons being used as the materials that created this roof. In about 1913, a flat metal roof on a wood-framed hip structure was installed above the original roof. The Feliz de Lopez family, who had occupied the house since about 1913, built extensions on the east and south sides. Throughout the years, this building has seen lots of changes. Not only in its own bones, but in the surround city of Florence, Arizona. Listed on the national register of historic places, we are pleased to share that we have started working on the remodel of our building, and are excited to share that we will be turning it into a one of a kind desert boutique accommodation. If you’re looking for somewhere nice, trendy and comfortable to stay in Florence, Arizona, this may be the perfect place for you. Our plans will be to list the two unit building with options to rent either one unit at a time, or the entire structure. There will be two suites. One suite will feature two bedrooms, and the other with one bedroom. Our hopes is to have our listing ready for the end of Spring 2017. We are so excited to start sharing more details, inspiration and pictures with you all. For more information, stay tuned on when we will announce the website. In the meantime, you can follow along on instagram at Rowhouse25.