The Sweetest Photo Shoot at Rowhouse 25

The Sweetest Photoshoot at Rowhouse 25 Air BNB with Tremaine Ranch in Florence ArizonaA few months back, we launched our property Rowhouse 25. Rowhouse 25 is a historic property in Florence, Arizona, that dates back to 1881. We put a ton of work bringing the old bones back to life. We have hosted photoshoots, dinner parties, and more at our property since opening it’s doors. One of our favorite photoshoots that we had was a behind the scenes shoot with Katie Frederick, owner and mastermind behind Sift Bakehouse AZ. Katie has a truly unique style to all of her designs. We’ve really enjoyed working with her on a handful of events around town. She truly has the best buttercream frosting recipe. Whenever she has leftovers of delicious treats we can’t help but eat more than we should. Working with Katie is always fun and you can’t help but leave with a smile. Katie needed a place for a behind the scenes shoot with Stephanie of at Life Created, and reached out to utilize Rowhouse 25. (more…)

From 1880 to 2018: A Historic Flip Worth the Buzz

The Town of Florence was founded in 1866 and is the sixth-oldest non-Native American settlement in the state of Arizona. Florence is the county seat and is situated in the central portion of Pinal County, Arizona about 1 hour away from the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas. Three major transportation corridors run through Florence, which include Highway 287, Highway 79 and Hunt Highway. These roadways provide connectivity to the region that is unrivaled by similar sized communities within the state. The Town of Florence is a full-service municipality. The Town provides police, fire, library, senior center, parks, water, sewer, sanitation and many other services to the community. Town of Florence employees are pleased to provide quality services and a friendly attitude to all of our residents.

Manuel Robles made the adobes and built Rowhouse in 1881. The single-story residence is an excellent example of a modified Sonoran – style rowhouse. Lovingly restored and renovated, by Classic Home Improvements, into a two unit short-term rental property. Florence, being one of the oldest towns in Arizona, is proud of its history and the designation of the historic downtown as a National Historic District.

Both suites in Rowhouse 25, maintain the beautiful historic details while providing our guests with modern comforts. The interior of the property is designed to provide our guests with a comfortable and homey setting for your time with your friends and family. We were inspired by the history of the town’s’ design principles and used our love for sourcing antiques that pair with unique elements like claw foot tubs and antique dressers turned into vanities, to add personality and keep the desired timeless look throughout the property.

This boutique accommodation can be rented as two individual suites or as a single property hosting twelve people at a time – perfect for retreats, reunions, celebrations and holidays. Each suite includes a fully-renovated kitchen with a dishwasher, full fridge, stove and oven, and ample outside communal area. You won’t be lacking in space to escape or to entertain.

If you’re looking for a unique town to explore in Arizona, a getaway with a drive or getting married or celebrating an event in Florence, AZ, take a peek at our listings and get yourself a stay. We are eager to share in the beauty of this space! All photographs by Daniel Kim Photo.

Rowhouse 25 | Exterior Progress

As we get closer and closer to the end of our big Rowhouse 25 project, we are finally starting to see the light. What started off as a simple flip, turned into thousands of dollars more invested into essentially a new build. When we decided to start this project, we knew there was going to be a lot of work. But, boy oh boy, we really didn’t know what to expect. This building is from 1890, so it needed a TON of work. Not only on things like flooring, stucco, drywall, bathroom renovation, etc… it literally needed to have its bones completely redone. From the electric to the plumbing, this structure is finally going to get the attention and TLC it deserve.

One of the biggest things we really wanted to tackle in our (never ending) checklist, was the exterior paint colors. The original coloring of the building was the very blue, grey tone. Turns out, it wasn’t even paint! From the looks of it, it was the coloring of the stucco that was used and never painted or covered up. They even used a blue tone paint for all of the original trim. We decided, to keep things in line with our overall style & aesthetic for the property, to stick with a simple, minimalist color scheme for the outdoor; black & white. We used BEHR PREMIUMĀ® Elastomeric Masonry, Stucco & Brick Paint. The main color we used for the exterior was White Pepper, and Black Pepper for the trim. It’s hard to be too excited about the final look, since the landscaping hasn’t even begun. But, this gives us a really great feeling of the process we’ve made and we are so excited to share more on each room and the designs we’ve been going with.



Rowhouse 25 Lighting Inspiration

If you’ve been following our work with our latest project, Rowhouse 25, you know we are currently on the market for really great lighting options. We are currently going between more timeless or more trendy pieces. I am about to keep it really real…. It’s been really hard staying within our budget on this project. We have such a specific vision for what we want, but with life, what we want sometimes isn’t possible. With pinterest, it’s so easy to find an image of the ‘perfect piece’ you’ve been searching for, but it can cost way more money than you’re able to spend. We want to make sure that the work we are putting into this project isn’t something we will need to change down the road. We want to create a very timeless, effortless and unique home setting, all while staying true to our own design aesthetic and style. We think you’ll like the final outcome, but boy, it has been a whirlwind of decision making.
Below are some of the latest updated pictures – there isn’t much change that is noticeable, but we have made a ton of progress. We ripped up almost all of the outside pipes to replace for plumbing and electrical. We ripped down the entire back wall of the structure and replaced this with a new wall. We have patched up a lot of the drywall inside, but still have a ton of work to do on this. We replaced all of the windows with Milgard windows. We love our choice! With the property being on the historic registry, there are certain design aspects that we have to follow within the codes of the city. Luckily, we found the perfect windows from! In some of the pictures, you can see how terrible the floor is. We wish we could keep the original wood flooring, but at this point, it isn’t possible. It’s kind of a bummer, but it is what it is and we will make it the very best that we can with our budget. We have our flooring picked out (more on that coming soon), as well as our paints and some other fun details likes bathroom & kitchen fixtures. This has definitely taken a lot longer than we had anticipated but we are really hoping to have Rowhouse 25 up and running, and ready to book, by fall 2017.

Bathroom Inspiration | Rowhouse 25

As part of our project of Rowhouse 25, we created a pinterest board to gather some style inspiration. We have seen so many beautiful designs, but trying to find your own curated design is actually pretty tough. We are starting with a 100% clean slate. That means we get to pick out flooring, tile, fixtures… you name it, we’ve got to get it. We have a few blogs that we are currently loving for inspiration, but pinterest really does have our eyes currently searching for fresh ideas. The fun part is trying to combine multiple ideas into one to see if it works out. We created a few different style boards with a couple of different designs that we are trying to decide which one to go with. We have an idea of what to go with but wanted to share our ideas in our journal, so that when we look back a year from now, we can see which one we went with and all the progress that was made. With that being said, we wanted to share with you some of that bathroomsthat have been really catching our eyes online. If you notice, there is a common design element that we will 90% be going with. What do you think?

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Rowhouse 25

We shared a really brief post a few months back announcing a exciting project; Rowhouse 25. This one of a kind rowhousehas seen a LOT of history. Manuel Robles made the adobes and built this house in 1881. The single-story residence is an excellent example of a modified Sonoran – style rowhouse. But what exactly IS a rowhouse?? Rowhouses line a street in a row, whereas town houses may be situated or grouped in different layouts within a development. Rowhouses are two or more identical or nearly identical units that share a common wall on one or both sides of the unit. Rowhouse demand increased in the early 19th century through the 20th century and provided single-family and multi-family functionality. Originally, our rowhouse was an L-shaped structure with a flat earth-filled roof. We are talking about mud, clay and saguaro cactus skeletons being used as the materials that created this roof. In about 1913, a flat metal roof on a wood-framed hip structure was installed above the original roof. The Feliz de Lopez family, who had occupied the house since about 1913, built extensions on the east and south sides. Throughout the years, this building has seen lots of changes. Not only in its own bones, but in the surround city of Florence, Arizona. Listed on the national register of historic places, we are pleased to share that we have started working on the remodel of our building, and are excited to share that we will be turning it into a one of a kind desert boutique accommodation. If you’re looking for somewhere nice, trendy and comfortable to stay in Florence, Arizona, this may be the perfect place for you. Our plans will be to list the two unit building with options to rent either one unit at a time, or the entire structure. There will be two suites. One suite will feature two bedrooms, and the other with one bedroom. Our hopes is to have our listing ready for the end of Spring 2017. We are so excited to start sharing more details, inspiration and pictures with you all. For more information, stay tuned on when we will announce the website. In the meantime, you can follow along on instagram at Rowhouse25.