Maxwell’s Birth Story

Sitting down to write out Maxwell’s birth story has been something I knew that I wanted to do before more time has gone by. I knew that I wanted to write everything that I can remember (and what Matt took down in his notebook) down somewhere. We kept our pregnancy so private so figuring out what, if anything, about Max we wanted to share online. But looking back on my own memories and photographs, and how I wish I had written more down, I think that sharing here our family updates makes the most sense. We’ve loved being able to share personal stories, photographs and work growth here. But the goal with keeping up our blog is for us to see our growth as people, as a family, and see how we evolve as business owners. Knowing that one day Max will read these things – whether we keep pubic forever or make private – is so special. That is why we’ve decided to share Maxwell’s birth story here. This post is extremely vulnerable but I absolutely adore the photographs, the emotions captured and every little thing in between.


Maternity Photographs with Daniel Kim

It seems a little wild sharing our maternity photographs after the fact that our sweet baby boy, Max, is now born. He turned our world around by making our little family or two into three and keeping us on our toes during our busy season. But, when you get photographs taken by one the photographers you’ve admired in your industry you have to share the magic.


So My Dad Has Cancer

It took me months to figure out if this was a blog post I wanted to share, or if I wanted to share anything on this at all. But, I figured today was just as good as any other to share that my dad has cancer. It’s been quite the journey so far starting at the end of 2017. My dad was dealing with horrible pains, that had doctors initially diagnose him with a hernia. After multiple doctor visits, tests, and even my own mother doing her own research, it turns out it wasn’t just a hernia. As of November 2018, my dad was diagnosed with severe (& supposedly a rare form of) prostate cancer. Today, both Matt and I really wanted to share some personal thoughts and requests from our hearts.


Tremaine Ranch Renovations – The Guest House

It’s been a bit since we’ve posted anything on here. It’s taken some time for us to adjust to some big life changes, good and bad, but I think we have finally found our ground again. We wanted to share a little bit about the current state of our guest house renovation, why we are renovated and who the heck is funding this…


A Letter To Our Friends & Family | 2018

If you’re at all like us, you know that the holiday blues are in full swing. We’re finally getting back into work mode and making our goals for the year. 2018 was a wonderful year filled with so much growth, lots of learning and a ton of tears, too. 2018 was our hardest year and today, we want to share the struggles and honest truths about what it is like owning your own business. What the last few years have been like for us, And how we are coming out on the other side smarter and more prepared to tackle what is to come. (more…)

A Weekday Vacation in Joshua Tree

A few weeks back, we celebrated a close friends birthday with a girls trip to Joshua Tree. I had been to Joshua Tree just twice before, and both of those times were vastly different. The first time, we went camping with some friends and stay in a campground within Joshua Tree National Park. It was magical! We love camping, but rarely plan to go or even get to camp that often. Nice weather means busy season for work, so it is hard to plan a trip to camp. The second time we went to Joshua Tree, it was for a dinner with Moonrise Standard at a private residence. This dinner was also magical. But this third time, it was just me (Leah), headed to an Air bnb with some close girl friends for a weekday vacation in Joshua Tree.  (more…)