Words From a Sensitive Woman in Business

I grew up with a mother and a father who both loved me very very much, but also always pushed me to have a very strong work ethic. They believed that whatever it is you wanted in life, you could absolutely  succeed and get what you want by working hard and being a good person. I believe that their love and support has shaped me into the woman that I am to this day, and for that, I am forever grateful. I am also extremely blessed to have a husband and partner in life who supports all of my dreams and goals. Not only does he support them, but he makes sure that I am going after them and drops everything he has going on to help me achieve my dreams. I don’t know how I got so lucky. Today, I felt very strongly about sharing my perspective on being a woman and owning a business in the wedding and event industry in Arizona. Like always, I want to be transparent… So, buckle up because here we go.

When Matt and I decided to start our company nearly 4 years ago, we had no idea how big our little dream would go and how much we would learn along the way. I had always worked for other companies or business owners, and never thought I had what it takes to be someone who actually owned their own business. But the more that Matt & I talked about turning our little side gig into a full time job, we realized that maybe we had what it takes to be successful and went for it. And when I say successful, I guess I mean pay for dinner and keep a roof over our head. Tremaine Ranch is our number one source of income. Matt and I literally put our blood and tears into this business. Not only because we want it be successful and we want to be proud of what it is we have set out to do, but because we need to in order to live. We have made some pretty terrible business mistakes, but we also have luckily learned so much from those mistakes to never (never ever) make them again. If we don’t work or don’t book jobs, we literally can’t pay for our rental home or for food on our table. Neither of us have any income coming in from another source, so our success means our survival. We have lived paycheck to paycheck (or job to job) before, and it was really brutal. Lots of tears and a ton of conversations about if this is what we should be doing. Were we happy? Is this making us happy? It was a ton of figuring out if this is truly what we wanted to do, and at the end of the day, neither of us would change our careers and are thrilled to continue the struggle of owning and operating a successful business. We have met some incredible business owners, with the majority of them being females. Some of my closest friends and confidants are female business owners and entrepreneurs. My biggest cheerleaders, besides my family, have now become females within the Phoenix community. Seeing just how admiration has turned into deep friendships is something that I never thought I would be so lucky to experience. It’s pretty great to have friends who work their butts off for their own success in your corner rooting you on, because they know the struggles and trails being a woman in business that one can go through.

One of the things we learned very quickly over the past year or so is that business and personal life are dangerous if mixed together.  We made friends in the industry, lost friends in the industry, pretended to be people we weren’t and weren’t sure if we were cut out for owning a company in an event based industry. The internet and social media aspect of running our business was really hard on me. There was a ton of comparison in other companies who do what we did, other people who worked with others instead of me, and I felt like I was pulling inspiration from companies in my own backyard who were offering similar services to us. I was really bummed and felt a lack of creativity in my own company that I started to pull away and shut down. I realized that what I had been doing was comparing others’ success to mine, and that is extremely unhealthy. Not only for my own mental health, but also for my success and ideas with our company. I wasn’t quite sure what to do, and I have always struggled with being disliked. A good friend of mine pointed this out to me over a long, tear filled conversation… she asked “you don’t like being disliked, do you?” and I just broke down. I’m not sure what it is or why I feel this way, but I don’t like being disliked. I was comparing my success with others and I was trying to keep up in similar ways that they had been operating. But I soon realized that this wasn’t ME and this was not how I wanted to run a business, or really live my life. After I realized what was causing me to feel down about our work and more importantly myself, I made the decision to delete a ton of people in the event industry in Arizona from instagram, and delete people on facebook who weren’t my friends outside of work related events. I had even received a few messages from talented, locally owned businesses that I admire so very much about this and why I wouldn’t be supportive or follow them. It caught me off guard! I was baffled that people noticed, but I had to be honest. I didn’t want my personal life to be intermixed with my business life. But more importantly, I wanted to stay in my own creative lane and not focus on what those around me in our industry were up to. Seeing what people are already doing in Arizona was inspiring, but I didn’t want my inspiration from them to be taken the wrong way. No one was ever intentionally rude or mean to my face, but sometimes you’ve got to protect yourself from yourself if you know what I mean…

I am SO proud of all of the creative businesses in Arizona. I LOVE what each, different company offers and know that we are all working hard to create an exciting market for Arizona to be competitive with the likes of Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York. I honestly thought I had ruined my career and what I’ve worked so hard to build because people were questioning my character from something as silly as social media. I had heard so many other people feel down about themselves and comparing themselves to others when trying to grow their business. They felt discouraged by similar companies in the same area and it was pretty eye opening how much better I felt when I decided to make the social media changes. Being a business owner isn’t just great because I get to be a business owner, but it is so great because of the people I have who have made me feel empowered to stand up for myself and stand up for what will ultimately make me feel okay with me being me.

We have met so many people in the wedding and event industry, helped so many people, and have made some really great friends along the way. I have met female candle makers who are breaking the barriers by creating art for your everyday; Female florists who want to create something more than just another bouquet of flowers for your wedding or event;  Female mixologists who want you to feel confident in creating craft cocktails in your home; Female bloggers who want to inspire and share their truths about life in a relatable way; Female photographers who stand on their feet 8+ hours a day while carrying a growing baby in their belly because they booked the job before they knew they were pregnant; Make up artists and hair stylists who work through their own insecurities to make others feel beautiful and perfect. I guess I should wrap this post up by simply saying that one of the greatest things about being a woman in this day and age is being able to celebrate the women around me who support me, understand my heart, and get that sometimes it isn’t always about fake smiling and fake pictures, but we get to be real and transparent and THAT is what is so great about being a woman today. So, today, I wish every single woman out there a happy international women’s day. You all deserve the world. So shine on; ALL you ladies deserve the world.


A Letter to our Friends & Family | 2017

Thank You
We are so thankful for such incredible clients, supportive friends and loving family who have supported us throughout our business, especially 2017. 

2017 Highlights

WWE Brie Bella’s Baby Shower

When we first met with Brianna to chat about her vision and ideal setting for her shower, we knew it was going to be fun for everyone involved. Brie is strong, empowering and kind. Brie’s style is easily represented in her life, we wanted that to come across through a soft, sweet, bohemian aesthetic. 

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Bohemian-Style Salon on HGTV

If you would have asked us if we ever thought some of our custom work could end up on the homepage of HGTV, we would have thought you were crazy! 

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In 2017, we were fortunate enough to book enough events where we needed to hire on some help. Thank you to those who worked with us, especially when we needed the extra hands for heavy lifting! 

LUXE Magazine Feature

“Chandler residents Leah and Matt Theodosis couldn’t find wooden benches to rent as seating, so they ended up building their own. This task would lead to another big step they would take together: opening Tremaine Ranch, a staging, design and furniture rental company based in Tempe. “

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We started and completed our Rowhouse 25. Lovingly restored, this property is in the heart of downtown Florence, Arizona. Rowhouse 25 is a two suite property; one suite with 1 bedroom, the second with 2 bedrooms. Manuel Robles made the adobes and built this house in 1881. Our unique desert accommodation offers the ideal setting for your desert getaway. 

Follow Along

Phoenix to San Francisco Roadtrip

When we decided to take this road trip months ago, we didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into. We have talked about taking a road trip up the coast of California since we started dating back in 2011, so when we finally made the decision to actually take it 

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The Journeyman Hotel Stay

At the end of August, as we were wrapping up our personal time off and gearing up for our very busy season coming up, we headed to Wisconsin! My cousin was getting married so it was the perfect opportunity to share the city where my parents grew up & met in, with Matt. 

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As part of our ongoing process with The Ivy Event, we were so excited to roll out some small events to continue to grow the community and create a safe space for people to come, mingle with others from their city all while in a fun, curated and comfortable setting. We worked our friends, Lauren & Mark Johnston at Prickly Pear Paper for a successful happy hour event. 

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This past year has been one of our best years to date. So, thank you so much for hiring, supporting or following along with us at Tremaine Ranch and supporting a local, independently owned small business. Every event and client matters to us, as we know that is what keeps our business going. We appreciate the support of our other outlets and extensions of the company including Tremaine Events, Rowhouse 25 & The Ivy Event.

Warmest Wishes, Leah + Matt Theodosis

Joshua Tree | April 2017

As mentioned on our new years post, we wanted to be sure to share some of our own adventures, inspiration and thoughts with you all here. What fun is having a public blog if you can’t share more about yourself? I know everyone says it, but we really REALLY love to travel. We love getting away to unplug, recharge and see new sights that are inspiring. We try to draw inspiration from our travels whether that be old signs on the side of the road, going to thrift stores in different cities, or just being away from technology to clear our head and find what could be next for us. We decided a camping trip was in order. Along with our good friends Sam and Kieran, who also love to camp, we decided to set a date and plan a trip. Sam (who we’ve talked about before here), always talks about how much she loves Joshua Tree. Matt and I have never been, so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try a new place out with someone who knows what they’re doing. And boy oh boy where we happy we did.
If you’ve ever been to Joshua Tree, you know it surely is a site to see. With beautiful desert landscapes, gigantic boulders to hike, and fresh air, you escape to this martian style planet. It was so much fun! We went on a couple of hikes (one of which I, Leah, totally fell after talking about how much I hate falling and getting attention after something happens), drank lots beer, and hiked a full moon hike which was not really a hike and more of a weird story time for children. We really love exploring outdoors! Living in Arizona, it can get hot SO quickly, so we really needed the escape before the summer sun gets too strong. To see more from our trip, keep scrolling at some pictures! We hope you like them and we really hope you feel inspired to explore the desert or your closest national park.

Hello 2016, Goodbye 2015

Photograph of Tremaine Ranch by Dearly Beloved Photography

Like many people do at the start of a new year, you think of things to improve in your life. Whether that is connecting with old friends or making time for new ones, spending more time focusing on your health and wellness, or focusing on career goals.  With the new year, Matt and I both decided we want to focus on our business. (As we should!) We have a few different goals and what better way to get things started than by writing a blog post about them.


Custom Built Mid Century Style Credenza

I am excited to showcase a new piece I was able to create for one of our close friends and customers, Bekah and Ian Odgear. Leah and I are both currently very into mid-century modern design as a whole and it has given us a chance to broaden the range of style furniture we offer, as well as the style of furniture I can challenge myself to create. Bekah and Ian moved to Portland in early June, and wanted a new credenza for their new place in Portland, Oregon. I was honored they hired me! The idea behind the design was to keep a clean modern shape with some rustic touches. The rustic touches can be seen in the color and finish of the shelving and sliding doors. We wanted to continue that blend of modern-rustic feel with the legs that have a modern shape.

I first built the main body of the credenza. Once the body was built and sanded, I used a white semi-gloss primer for the interior body as well as most of the interior. I decided to use a dark maple wood stain for the inner shelves, the legs as well as the doors. After coating all of the surfaces with primer and stain, I did another light sanding to smooth out any rough areas for that indoor finish. Once everything was sanded, we painted all of the surfaces that we primed, with a semi-gloss white paint. The final step to my process for this piece was attaching our mid-century modern legs and installing our custom sliding doors.

Overall it was a great experience to be able to create our first mid-century modern style piece and we hope that our friends love it just as much as we do! The entire process was really fun for me and I cannot wait to create something new and unique for another wonderful home.




Leah + Matt | Cooking Class

Last night, Matt and I went to a cooking class at Classic Cooking Academy in Scottsdale. We received a groupon as a gift for Christmas from my parents, and finally were able to use it. They had been booked up since the new year. We called ahead to make our reservations and they told us what the menu would be for that evening. Mini baked brie and pear in Phyllo dough, Caesar salad, flank steak au poivre with green bean bundles and roasted potatoes, and last but certainly not least, creme brulee.