6 Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses We Love

Photography by Clara Rice Photography Bridal gown pictured was handmade by bride.

We love the idea of giving your bridesmaids an opportunity to play with color and wear something that makes them feel awesome. Today, we’re sharing 6 yellow bridesmaid dresses that we’re loving straight from Pinterest. The internet is filled with so many different great options for your bridesmaids. It could be finding a dress that flatters everyone with the best shape. It could be the struggle of finding a color that looks good on everyone, or a color that is timeless. One of the trends that is filling taking the internet by storm is the colorful bridesmaid.


Retro & Eclectic Editorial Shoot

Sometimes, you get lucky with the most beautiful photographs from work you contribute to. This retro and eclectic editorial shoot does NOT fall short on delivery. The colors, the style, the entire vibe is something we are kind of obsessed with. If you follow along on the blog, you probably saw the dinner party that accompanied this editorial shoot.


Colorful Frida Kahlo Inspired Editorial Shoot

Back in the fall of 2018, we signed up for another ShowIt United Conference shoot, but this time with the talented Sarah Kay Love. She had reached out with the idea of a colorful Frida Kahlo inspired editorial shoot that she was dreaming up. Not only have we loved being a part of the shoots for the conference because the work is always beautiful. We love them because they’re based on educating photographers on their craft.


Why Are Balloon Installations So Popular?

If you’ve been following us along, you’ve noticed the sudden influx of balloon installations. We’ve loved being able to add a new service to the offerings we pride ourselves. But, we’ve recently found ourselves asking… Why are balloon installations so popular? Where did this unique decoration addition come from and why is Pinterest suddenly filled with balloon installation photographs?


Colorful Arizona Desert Wedding

Colorful Arizona Desert WeddingLots of people come to Arizona for the beautiful sunrises and sunsets we natives are so lucky to see quite often. The hues of orange, the soft tones of lavender and the bright pops of pink are just some of the colors you see during the setting sun on an evening in Arizona. It’s so easy to be inspired by the landscapes and color, and that is exactly what Raelene Schulmeister did when planning this colorful Arizona desert wedding shoot for the Show It United conference in 2018.  (more…)

Mexico Inspired Pop Up Dinner

Mexico Inspired Pop Up Dinner We’re big fans of dinner parties… always have been and probably always will be. Today, we’re so excited to share a truly mouth watering Mexico inspired pop up dinner with Lizzie Kate. Liz does such a fabulous job of bringing all the elements together to create the most magical dinner parties through her company, The Wanderer’s Table. This Mexico inspired pop up dinner took elements from Mexico and translated them into the decor, the meal and the beverages. (more…)