Throw An Epic Pumpkin Carving Party

Since October has rolled around and finally started to feel like fall, we’ve been really enjoying all the festive things that come with October; Halloween, spooky decor and lots and lots of pumpkins. Literally! Everywhere you go, you can buy a pumpkin. Whether it is a fake pumpkin or a real pumpkin, pumpkins are the official mascot of Halloween, right? That and Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus. With Halloween in just a few short weeks, I recently got together with a few close girlfriends and hosted our own pumpkin carving party to really get in the festive mood. This was the first pumpkin carving party that we’ve hosted, and throughout the process, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks so you throw an epic pumpkin carving party yourself. (more…)

An Epic Joshua Tree Engagement Shoot

We know that our name is confusing and we know that we do a lot more than just wedding related things. But, we really ENJOY doing all those wedding related things. Planning a wedding, designing a dream rehearsal dinner, helping with a fun concept for a bridal shower… the list can go on and on. With Tremaine Events, we are able to make weddings & events our bread and butter. It’s fun to do all the design work, but we really love seeing what other people do with our pieces. So when Jane in the Woods reached out for some furniture for an epic Joshua Tree engagement shoot, we were so eager to see what sort of setting they would make. (more…)

How To Set a Rainbow Inspired Table

Remember that rainbow birthday party with colorful details post we shared a few weeks back? We had so much fun working with such a creative team on that one and enjoyed creating custom details specifically for that project. We’ve always been big fans of custom details, but sometimes for large events like a wedding, custom details don’t make the most sense financially. When you’re adding custom and unique details to table or event that is catered to a smaller group, the fun is in every aspect. You can splurge or maybe hire a company, like Tremaine Events, to help with your vision. If you don’t think hiring a company makes sense financially, you should keep reading. Because today we are sharing our tips on how to set a rainbow inspired table yourself and make your guests feel like the rock stars that they are.


A Rainbow Birthday Party With Colorful Details

If you were to ask us a few years ago what our style was, we would probably say very minimal and clean, not too much color. Boy oh boy, has that drastically changed. As I am sure you can imagine, the wedding and event industry is loaded with tons of repeat designs. Many of the beautiful styles, themes, aesthetics and colors that you see on Pinterest are super popular and usually get used quite a bit. It is a fun challenge for us to work on similar styles in different ways. So when Kris with Konsider It Done had this idea of a rainbow birthday party with colorful details stylized photoshoot, we knew we had to be a part of it. At first, it was such a busy time in our lives and a lot was going on with me personally, that we weren’t sure if we could make it work with. We knew that this shoot was going to be really unique and different than most things we do. From the beautiful rainbow balloon installation we did, showcasing our new modern brass flatware, and all the other details in between, we are so glad to have been a part of this rainbow birthday party with colorful details. (more…)