A Backyard Dinner Celebrating a Good Cause with New Darlings

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A while back, our good friends Christina & Rob, the creators and talent behind New Darlings, reached out to see if we had any interest in helping them throw an backyard dinner party. They had put together a FEED dinner party, in hopes to feed some of those in need of meals. FEED is a wonderful organization who believe that food has the power to bring many together, and together, we have the power to bring food to many. By hosting dinner parties (FEED calls them FEED Suppers), you’re able to invite your guests to help give back to those in need. The best part is that 100% of the proceeds raised from your FEED Supper is directly donated to their partner, Feeding America. So, of course we wanted to be involved. And boy are we so happy we were a part of such a fun and important night.


A Company Party with Pizza and Hand Spun Sugar Floss

Tara & Eric Hainsworth are the too cool for words owners for Hainsworth & Co, a salon focused on educating and inspiring their employees as well as branching out to offer education within the hair industry. Tara has worked with us on past events, like our Babes & Braids events, and I even was going and getting regular hair cuts at one point with her. Which, by the way, were some of the best haircuts I had received. She explains her process and what she is doing, so you as a client understand that she not only knows what she is doing but wants you to know what she is doing.


An Ultra-Violet Cocktail That Will Impress Your Friends

We are so thrilled to share the most delicious cocktail perfect for the new year. We partnered with Iconic Cocktail Co. to create a unique drink that showcases the Pantone color of the year; Ultra Violet!  Let’s start with the main ingredient; Curacao Liquor. Curacao Liquor is a grain-based sweet spirit made with orange peel and sugar. Blue Curacao is like just like a typical Curacao liquor but colored blue with the main function to…decorate a cocktail.

Although store-bought Blue Curacao is convenient, it is usually made with artificial food coloring. In this recipe, Iconic Cocktail Co. replaced blue food coloring and use natural Butterfly Pea Flower to dye the liquor a vibrant blue with the added feature of CHANGING COLORS when citrus is introduced! This magical ingredient, also known as Blue-Pea Flower, derives from South East Asia and is most commonly used for tea. So not only will it add a fun color effect to your blue curacao, it also introduces a depth of herbal tea notes to your liquor.

Paired with Iconic‘s newest seasonal mixer, Meyer Lemon Balm, this cocktail recipe is bright and vibrant. Your guests will be amazed when you pour your bright blue curacao liquor into a shaker and strain a violet cocktail into their glass! Enjoy the recipe from Iconic Cocktail Co., and remember to drink responsibly.

Blue Curacao:
Zest of 12 Navel Oranges
2oz. Bitter Orange Peel
1 Liter of Gin
1 Liter of Vodka
2 cups of Butterfly Pea Flower
6 cups of water
8 cups of sugar

Yields about 4.5 quarts


1. First, zest oranges into a large container. Add Bitter Orange Peel, Vodka, and Gin, and Butterfly Pea Flower
2. Let infuse for 5-10 days (does not need to be refrigerated.) Stir at least once a day.
3. Strain through a filter. Add water and sugar and stir until the sugar is dissolved.
4. Store in a glass container in the refrigerated for up to one year.

Not sure if you’ve got the time to make your own Blue Curacao? Don’t worry, there are other options available to purchase in store or online. But we highly recommend making your own!

Now that you’ve got your Blue Curacao, be sure to make the Blue Christmas Cocktail and wow your guests with the most delicious flavors and colors you can pour. All of your friends will be so impressed. Enjoy!

Blue Christmas Cocktail:
1.5oz. Gin
1.5oz. Blue Curacao
1oz. Iconic Meyer Lemon Balm
1/2oz. Lemon Juice
2-3 dashes of Orange bitters

1. Combine all in a shaker and shake with ice
2. Strain into a chilled coup.

Modern Meets Bohemian Baby Shower

A baby shower is a way to celebrate the expected or delivered birth of a child by celebrating with some sort of party. Other cultures actually consider a baby shower to be the celebration of the transformation of a woman into a mother. We kind of love the idea of combining both meanings into one. I am sure most people do as well.

When our good friend Karlee, of Karlee K. Photography, shared that she was pregnant with us months ago, I immediately had visions and ideas of ways to shower one of my favorite humans with the ultimate baby shower. I meet Karlee through one of my oldest friends, but also from working in the wedding industry in Arizona. Karlee is an insanely talented wedding photographer, so of course she had her own vision and ideas for how she wanted her baby shower to look and feel and what we would actually be doing. I mean, knowing Karlee, we were both 100% against the “what candy bar is melted in this diaper” game, but really wanted to create a fun brunch vibe for guests to mingle, enjoy delicious mimosas from the Mom-osa bar, enjoy sweets and treats from our dessert buffet and overall, get to spend some quality time with Karlee.

Seeing Karlee’s face light up when she walked into Soho 63, a downtown Chandler venue we love to work at, was unbeatable. Knowing that Karlee was able to enjoy her day without the stress of planning, setting up and too much work on her behalf was all worth it. With the help from Karlee’s sister and our friend, Kami, as well as their mother, no detail was untouched. From an oversized balloon installment, a polaroid guest book, beautiful flowers and furniture, no detail was spared. One of my favorite details was the guest favor. Each guest got to leave with a bath bomb, from Karlee’s shower to theirs! #yourethebomb. Baby Quinn (noticed that huge oversized Q? That hangs in baby’s nursery) even received some personalized blocks, and every book from this day was signed by someone important to Karlee and her husband, Jerrin. In fact, one of the best moments of the entire shower was when Jerrin surprised Karlee with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. As if there could be better timing for anything, “It’s Raining Men” started playing, so naturally I turned the song up and let Jerrin strut on in. It was amazing! Quinn, you’re so loved by not only your parents and family, but by all of the friends that love your mom and dad. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Venue: SoHo63
Photographer: Danielle Applebach Photography & Karlee K. Photography
Rentals, Balloon Install & Design: Tremaine Ranch
Cupcakes: Nothing Bundt Cakes


Surprise 40th Birthday Celebration

Surprise parties are some of my absolute favorites. I remember when I first started dating Matt, that I wanted to throw him a surprise party. The tradition seemed to find it’s way into more and more of the parties we threw, and I just couldn’t stop. I just love a good surprise! Seeing that person’s face light up because they had zero idea of anything being planned, surrounded by their favorite people and having one of the best times of their lives; it is so worth it!

When our close friend Brendan McCaskey shared with us his plans to throw his sister a surprise birthday party for her 40th, we were so excited to be a part of it. One of the great things about Brendan is his attention to details. We’ve shared a little bit about him on our volume one friends to follow before, and he is one of our closest friends. He had a plan, design and overall feel for the party that he wanted to create, and he used some Tremaine Ranch furniture to add to his plans. We love working with friends! it gives us an opportunity to showcase our pieces to their guests, but also providing the people we care for most with top notch pieces.

From the customized cupcake succulent toppers, the ‘Happy 40th” birthday sign, to the magical bistro lit backyard setting; this party was too good to not share! With images from Constance Higley, we hope that you’re able to pull elements from this fun, backyard surprise birthday party and apply them to any of your upcoming events!