Wedding Registry Event with Crate and Barrel

Question: How many of you who are engaged or married were excited about your wedding registry? Were you stressed about it? Did you even want to do it? I have heard so many mixed emotions about wedding registries… Either you don’t want to do them because you already have everything you could need or you are stressed about making sure you ask for the right things. Another aspect of wedding registries is figuring out where you want to register. With so many options out there, it’s no wonder why the thought of completing a wedding registry can be a little stressful. But, with the help of Crate and Barrel Wedding Registry, they make it fun for those of you who want to experience a little bit more during the process.


Insider Scoop with Konsider it Done

One day, years ago, Kris & Tyler (the husband/wife duo behind Konsider It Done ——> that’s us!) were driving down Arizona Ave. when they heard a sound that caught their attention. Intrigued to locate the source of the noise, they turned down a small, beautiful tree-lined road and found themselves at the gates of Tremaine Ranch listening to Leah belting out Taylor Swift lyrics loud enough to be heard over the sound of Matt’s circular saw. Ok, so that’s not how we actually came to know Leah and Matt, but damn if it doesn’t capture how it feels every time we see or work with them. We have grown to love Tremaine Ranch as vendors, another married duo, and as dear friends.  Every time we do a wedding or event with them, we feel like the lucky ones because everything they touch becomes pure magic…and we also just really love to hang out with them at “work.”

When thinking back on all the amazing opportunities we’ve had working together, it’s impossible to pick favorites because every time has been so great! We won’t consider these our favorite photos/events, instead it’s like a highlight reel of incredible memories made together and with our magnificent clients. These photos were captured during real weddings, styled shoots, and private parties.  Our events with Tremaine Ranch have not only happened in the heart of Phoenix, but have spread as far north as Payson, and as far west as Santa Barbara, California. 

Tremaine Ranch has elevated the aesthetics for our weddings and events in so many ways. Foremost, their inventory of eclectic furniture is fabulous. We rarely find ourselves seeking something more or different. Though, on occasion that’s happened, Tremaine didn’t hesitate to build or buy what was needed for those events. Matt is a woodworking magician, and is always adding new custom and unique pieces to their lineup.  One of the things we love most about their inventory is how it works with almost any style of event.  Every event we have done with them is able to look totally different while using some of the same inventory- it’s all about how you style it!

Pro Tip: Just because you don’t see it on their website, doesn’t mean they don’t/won’t have it (or can’t find it for you)– just ask!

We did a New Year’s Eve wedding that was one of the largest events we’ve shared with Tremaine Ranch. Over a year of planning, building, sourcing, and design went into it. From a planner’s perspective, we couldn’t have asked for more. Leah & Matt’s attention to detail, and determination for perfection lead to an overjoyed couple and an event beautiful enough to be featured on Junebug Weddings. Just feast your eyes on that donut wall!

Another way that Tremaine Ranch stands out is Leah’s nonstop sense of design. From planning to setup, she’s constantly finding creative ways to improve things. In a wedding world sometimes overrun by monotony and tradition, Leah breathes new life into old ideas. We love working with vendors that bring personality, ideas and creativity to the table (pun totally intended) and Leah brings it all in spades.  Whether we are creating new ideas for styled shoots, or designing and styling a real wedding, Leah is one of our FAVORITE partners through this entire process.

Thanks for checking out some of our “highlight reel of incredible memories” made with Tremaine Ranch. We’re sure they’ll continue for years to come. We’d love to bring you along too! We are still accepting clients for 2018 dates & beyond. Cheers to love, marriage, happiness, and LOTS of beautiful events! 

Images provided by Rachael Koscica, Katelyn Cantu, Kym Ventola, Karlee K Photography, & Daniel Kim.

Creating a Realistic Wedding Pinterest Board

If you’ve been on the internet that past few years, and hopefully not hiding under a rock, you’re familiar with a website called Pinterest. Pinterest is every persons bff when they’re planning a wedding. For our own wedding, we pinned so many great ideas that were necessities for our special day. But, what if what you love on Pinterest is completely unrealistic… 

Photographs are the best way to share what you can’t always verbally explain. I constantly ask our clients to share any inspiration pictures with me or grant me access to their Pinterest board for their event so I can better understand the overall inspiration they’ve found. Figuring out your color palette can be really hard, but photography really guides a client in the overall aesthetic they want to achieve.

Being sure to only pin those images that are ‘must have’ or great to express the vibe you want to set is key! Don’t get carried away by pinning every single thing you love about a wedding that you’ve seen from scrolling through your Pinterest feed. There are a million different ideas out there, but figuring out the right colors and setting can really make your event board one of a kind. There are going to be new images uploaded to Pinterest every day. This means that it gives you more than enough opportunity to change your mind. Find what you love, and continue on that path. It can be really awesome finding new ideas or trends, but it isn’t worth the stress of last minute changes.

Focus on pinning real weddings or events, and stay away from inspiration. One of the things we really try to do in any inspiration shoots we plan and execute ourselves, is to keep it real. We try to stay away from flower arrangements or decor that we don’t think makes sense. We love a good custom piece, but real weddings are not always cable to be customized. Pinterest is filled with custom themed decor or flower arrangements that are usually from styled shoots. One of the biggest reasons why we want to keep it real is because owning a business is no joke. If every client of ours wanted a 100% customized event, I think we would go out of business. Pinterest has done a great job at getting imagery out there for people to use and to help inspire people to stay away from repeat design. Just proceed with caution while you’re on your Pinterest journey.

And finally, we recommend following small businesses who who in the event industry in your city and state. Following their work and seeing what type of pins are inspiring them can really help you work with a team of talented vendors on your wedding, who know what they’re doing and can, in fact, get you the Pinterest wedding of your dreams.

Photography by Daniel Kim Photo

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Insider Scoop with The Paseo

Our next Insider Scoop is with one of our favorite venues in Arizona; The Paseo! Located in Apache Junction at the base of Superstition Mountains, this breathtaking and truly unique space is totally worth the drive. With mountain views, lush desert landscapes and the most unique structure, any client is lucky to book their event at this one of a kind venue. Arizona is lucky to house this beautiful space, and we are lucky to have the folks share some things on our blog & social media today. Continue reading to learn why The Paseo & Tremaine Ranch are such a great team!

When we opened The Paseo we made it our mission to work with and support small businesses in the industry. We aimed to create a preferred professionals list that we felt was an extension of us. Since we were new to the wedding biz we hadn’t worked with many other vendors in the industry, so we focused on creating connections with people that were like-minded and passionate about their work. This took a lot of trust, it’s always hard to find people who will treat your couples the way you do.

When we met Leah & Matt from Tremaine Ranch we knew right away they were the perfect addition and would go above and beyond for The Paseo and our clients. They are down-to-earth and know the industry like nobody’s business. We are confident that any couple that we send their way will get the best customer experience from this husband and wife duo. Their style is incomparable to whats out there and they are always adding new inventory to keep up with the latest and greatest trends. Their creativity shines through in every piece, and couples rave about how accommodating they are. They truly make the planning process effortless.

We’ve worked with Tremaine on multiple weddings, styled shoots, and every open house. We are always in awe of their work ethic and are impressed with every piece they deliver. You can always expect their inventory to be in mint condition. Working on events with Tremaine is always stress free and fun! It is so refreshing to work with such a humble team.

We are so lucky to be able to work with this husband and wife duo on multiple occasions. Leah and Matt are truly the best friendors we could ever ask for!

Thank you so much for sharing. We are truly lucky! Interested in seeing The Paseo in person? Join us at their next open house on 1/18/18. Some of our favorite vendors will be there with food, drinks, and favors! No RSVP necessary, the more the merrier. We can’t wait to see you there!

An Arizona Local Holiday Shopping Guide

As part of the ongoing process of building our portfolio, our inventory, and our overall offerings for anyone coming to Arizona for weddings and events, we find that sharing other local, small businesses in our great state with our audience is very important. Not only does it help individual vendors and companies, it helps this industry as a whole as well as the economy in our great state. When a client works with a local company or buys from a local shop, significantly more money stays in the community. When you personally know the people behind the business you’re working with you enjoy a connection you would not otherwise have. Along with the rest of the community, you celebrate when a favorite local business succeeds and you mourn when it’s forced to shut its doors. A lot of people are already so great at shopping local to their area and community, but I know how easy it is to run to your local target and buy something quick and simple. We know so many great business owners and entrepreneurs who work their butts off everyday. People who follow their dreams and go after their passions. It is incredibly inspiring not only living in the same state and city as many of these business owners, but we are beyond lucky to get to call a handful of them our friends. And that is why we want to share with you our top picks for stocking stuffers, gifts for your family and a little something for whomever you may be wanting to gift this season. The businesses and items we are sharing on this list are all from companies that we love and support, and we feel extremely confident in all of the products and companies represented on our gift guide. 

So, remember when you’re shopping this season… You’re not just buying a gift for someone, but you could be supporting a small business, someone who personally works very hard behind their company and brand, and making their life so much better by your single purchase. Remember to shop small this holiday season. Happy shopping and happy holidays! 

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5 Easy Tips for Decorating Your Thanksgiving Table

This past week, we worked on a fun and easy table setting for the holidays with our friends Sam of Standard Wax and Malori of Hoot & Holler. We decided to use a picnic table outside our warehouse that has been sitting out there for who knows how long. It is sun damaged and not the prettiest thing, but, it is a table and the most relatable thing about living in Arizona. If you’ve got patio furniture and tables that just sit outside, you know that they need to be covered up or else the sun will cause some serious damage. My point isn’t to be talking about an old table and the strong sun, my point is to share that anyone can make something pretty with what they’ve got. It doesn’t have to take long and sure doesn’t have to break the bank. Today I wanted to share 5 easy tips for decorating your thanksgiving table that I think anyone can tackle.

1. Use What You’ve Got Or Rent

When we decided to work on this little, 20 minute shoot set up, we decided to keep it so simple. The internet is filled with beautiful photographs of incredible table design with lots of things that most people don’t have. We are here to tell you that it is okay to use what you’ve already got. Have fun with the pieces that you own and play around with different looks.  Mix and match your plates in an intentional way. We used some simple matte grey plates, mix matched silver flatware and plain black napkins. Rather than going with a classic fold, try tying your napkin in a knot or setting your salad plate closer to one side to off set. And if you don’t have enough of what you need, rent rather than buy. One thing we really believe in is creating a smaller carbon footprint on the planet by recycling and repurposing. Find a local rental company that can help you fill in the missing pieces or style an entire table that matches your aesthetic for your dinner. If they’re like us, they will be happy to help create a style board and show you a couple of different looks that can work for your Thanksgiving table spread.

2. Support Local

One of the best parts about Arizona, is the small business support that exists. In fact, Small Business Saturday is THIS weekend and we are so excited to hit up Phoenix Flea and shop local for holiday gifts. It’s one of our favorite markets and days of the year. If you’re not into cooking and looking for someone to help, find a local grocery store who is offering catering. AJ’s Fine Foods in Arizona offers a Thanksgiving Dinner that feeds up to 8 people and includes mashed potatoes, yams, stuffing and more. Oh, and we can’t forget about dessert. They include pie with every order. Needing candles for your table? Skip the big stores and hit up a small candle company to use on your table this holiday season. Standard Wax has small and large candles, which can burn up to 70 hours! Meaning, if you have a 2 hour dinner, you’ve still got quite a lot of wax in that candle! You can use these as guest gifts or place them around your home afterwards to fill your space with something that is aesthetically pleasing and smells great. Standard Wax offers holiday scents which make for the perfect table and home decor, all while bringing in the scents of the holidays.

3. Ask For Help

I am all about hosting events. It is my love language. Treating my friends and family to a nice dinner with a pretty setting makes my heart happy. But, hosting can be really stressful sometimes. From making sure you’ve got enough chairs, cleaning your entire home and making sure there is enough food or drinks, every host has enough on their plates which is why we are big fans of asking for help when needed. Not sure if you can cook all the food and have it ready in time for your Thanksgiving meal? Why not turn your dinner into a potluck. Assign a dish to everyone ask them to bring it ready to serve. Your guests are happy to have someone hosting them and should be willing to help when needed.

4. Skip Out On The Garland!

Okay, we are the first to say that a pretty garland can add SO much to a table, but why not play around with some smaller flower arrangements. With the holidays, food is kind of the shining star, am I right? If your family is like mine, we put ALL the food on our table and pass items around family style. That doesn’t leave too much room for a garland. Sure, garlands are so beautiful, but so are arrangements. We think keeping 1-3 smaller arrangements on your table makes so much more sense than a garland taking up more room than necessary. You may end up spending the same amount anyways, but the flowers will add some much needed color & textures to your table. Not sure what type of arrangements you are looking for? Reach out to a local wedding or event florist to see if they do arrangements for the holidays and get some inspiration from the professionals.

5. Be Purposeful, Not Perfect

Pinterest… we all know it and we all love it. But sometimes I just shake my head so confused as to how people afford things and how they are able to put these huge, beautiful designs together. Truth is, more than likely, those photographs were taken for a photoshoot and had an incredible team of talented vendors on board to create it. Your event, holiday party or Thanksgiving dinner does NOT need to be perfect, but be sure to make it purposeful. Holidays are all about spending quality time with people you love and are thankful for. Be sure to share why you’re thankful for those people in your life. And if throwing a really beautiful and nice dinner is your way to show them how much you care about them, go for it. Just don’t let it take over your day. I would much rather eat on a paper plate with disposable flatware than go above and beyond just to wear myself out and be too tired to spend time with my guests.

We hope that our insight, tips & tricks help you with your Thanksgiving, and that you all have the absolute best Thanksgiving and are surrounded by people who you love.