Wedding Day Emergency Kit Essentials

We’re pretty positive that you’re wedding day will be seamless, but you still should prepare yourself in the event that something unplanned (and unwelcome) happens. One thing that shouldn’t be missing on the wedding day is an emergency kit stocked with tools to fix everything from a torn dress to a nuclear explosion—sometimes wedding disasters can feel like the latter. In any case, here’s our wedding day emergency kit essentials we think you shouldn’t be caught without on the big day (more…)

Running A Successful Business And Life With Structure

Tremaine Ranch is about 4.5 years old. When Leah and I first went full time with our newly budding business the thought of making our own hours and controlling our schedule very exciting and a huge motivator for our decision. No more waking up at 5am every morning with no new goals or motivation behind the sacrifice, besides the obvious paycheck. We were excited to run a successful business! (more…)

How To Set a Rainbow Inspired Table

Remember that rainbow birthday party with colorful details post we shared a few weeks back? We had so much fun working with such a creative team on that one and enjoyed creating custom details specifically for that project. We’ve always been big fans of custom details, but sometimes for large events like a wedding, custom details don’t make the most sense financially. When you’re adding custom and unique details to table or event that is catered to a smaller group, the fun is in every aspect. You can splurge or maybe hire a company, like Tremaine Events, to help with your vision. If you don’t think hiring a company makes sense financially, you should keep reading. Because today we are sharing our tips on how to set a rainbow inspired table yourself and make your guests feel like the rock stars that they are.


Wedding Registry: Kitchen Items Every Couple Should Have

Wedding Registry: Kitchen Items Every Couple Should Have

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you know how incredible Amazon is.  From Amazon prime delivering to your home within hours, baby registries and our favorite tool, Amazon Lists, you’re pretty much able to find everything you may need or want in one place. We are super excited to share more ideas that we’ve been working on to make your life a little easier. Today, we’re starting our new series and excited to share all about wedding registries. First up… Wedding Registry: Kitchen Items Every Couple Should Have. (more…)

How We Clean Wax Off Our Vintage Candlesticks

As we continue to grow our business, we continue to realize the little things we’ve learned along the way that could be helpful to others. Whether it’s where we’re finding our inventory, what we’re looking at when we source or our opinions on everything in between, we love having this platform to tell you guys our input. One of the things we get asked a lot is how we clean things. We rent out tabletop, couches, rugs… all sort of things that require upkeep and cleaning. Today, we wanted to share a little bit more on how we clean wax off our vintage candlesticks. (more…)