Bridal Sessions Before Your Wedding Day: The Pros & Cons

Have you heard of bridal sessions? A bridal session is a portrait session of the bride, or the couple, in their bridal attire before or after their wedding day. These are a great way for you to not miss out on anything during your wedding but still get loads of portrait style photographs from your photographer. Typically, based on my knowledge, bridal sessions usually happen before your wedding day. This gives you an opportunity to print some of those beautiful images and have them in frames for your wedding day. It also gives you an opportunity to not be stressed out on your big day with feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera, dealing with last minute changes, or maybe being stressed on time. But, there are some cons to bridal sessions too… Today, we’re diving a little deeper on what we think about them. (more…)

How to Include your Dog in your Special Event

Are you sick of all these ‘national’ days that are celebrating things like pizza, handwriting & Star Wars day? I mean, there are so many national “this” day and national “that” day, someone has made a list just so you can get your ‘special’ days in order. This list is absolutely ridiculous with tons of food days like jelly bean day and doughnut day, as well as things that you would think don’t need a special day like Positive Thinking Day. There are also days dedicated to different careers like national dentist day. But, if there is one day that we think is worthy of celebration, it is national dog day. National dog day is coming up (August 26th to be exact), and we thought it would be fun to share our thoughts on ways to include your pup in your special event. (more…)

Tremaine Events Warehouse Sale

If you love vintage finds as much as we do, you won’t want to miss our upcoming warehouse sale on September 1 from 9am-11am! You’ll be able to shop inventory that needs to get out of our warehouse to make space for new pieces. (more…)

A Night With Williams-Sonoma in Arizona

A Night With Williams-Sonoma with Tremaine Ranch - Arizona - Vintage Specialty Wedding Event Rental - wedding registry- az arizona wedding & event, vintage, furniture, tableware, & specialty rentals in phoenix, tucson, flagstaff, sedona, tempe, chandler, mesa, gilbert, prescott, paysonWe’re throwing it back today to share all about A Night With Williams-Sonoma that took place a few years ago. WilliamsSonoma hosted a night for couples to experience some of the loveliest wedding vendors in person. Each creative was hand picked to bring beautiful products that couples can look, taste, and touch to their store in the Biltmore Fashion Park. The night was filled with local bakers, calligraphers, an adorable photo booth bus, custom built furniture rentals, a local photographer, mens custom suits, sister wedding planners, and a coffee bicycle bar.


7 Boutonnieres for the Low-Key Groom

Floral Design: Primary Petals Photography: Sara Lucero

Seriously… What the heck is the history behind the boutonniere? Some believe that the tradition of wearing flowers goes back as far as ancient civilizations like the Egyptians or the Aztecs, who were believed to wear certain colored florals to show their support for players who participated in sporting events. Others believe that the boutonniere tradition came about on the battlefields of civil wars in England, where each side wore a particular color or type of flower to distinguish friends and enemies from each other.Today, we’re compiling 7 Boutonnieres for the Low-Key Groom. (more…)