Blush Dress Combos for Your Bridesmaids!

Blush Dress Combos for Your Bridesmaids with Tremaine Ranch - Arizona - Vintage Specialty Wedding Event Rental- basic invite - az arizona wedding & event, vintage, furniture, tableware, & specialty rentals in phoenix, tucson, flagstaff, sedona, tempe, chandler, mesa, gilbert, prescott, payson

Photography by Gretchen Wakeman

If you ask us, one of the first thing a bride decides is who she wants to be by her side on her big day. Once you’re engaged, you’ve kind of start to figure out who you want as your bridesmaids and get that confirmed. After that, the dress probably comes in second. After you’ve found your gown, it’s time to start figuring out the perfect bridesmaids dresses. No matter the size or style you’re going for, you want your besties to feel awesome and look awesome. Today, we’re sharing 7 blush dress combos for you bridesmaids! (more…)

Traditional Invitations vs. Evites

Traditional Invitations vs Evites with Tremaine Ranch - Arizona - Vintage Specialty Wedding Event Rental- basic invite - az arizona wedding & event, vintage, furniture, tableware, & specialty rentals in phoenix, tucson, flagstaff, sedona, tempe, chandler, mesa, gilbert, prescott, payson Events invitations stationeryWe are big believers that printed stationery – we’re talking real paper with real stamps being mailed directly to the recipient – is so special. When Matt and I were planning our wedding, we loved talking about all the fun details we would incorporate. Scrolling through Pinterest and creating our dream wedding board was top of the list. Figuring out what color flowers we were going to incorporate, what sort of seating we had envisioned, and what our paper products would look like were just a few of the many design elements we discussed. We met with local invitation companies to discuss the process, but they were out of budget. We really didn’t know if we wanted to go with traditional invitations since they seemed to be out of our budget or if Evites were our only option. Luckily, in this day and age, there are websites that make deciding, designing and mailing so much easier and budget friendly, so that you can stick with your traditional invitation suite you’ve been eyeing and stay away from the dreaded Evite.  (more…)

Wedding Registry Event with Crate and Barrel

Question: How many of you who are engaged or married were excited about your wedding registry? Were you stressed about it? Did you even want to do it? I have heard so many mixed emotions about wedding registries… Either you don’t want to do them because you already have everything you could need or you are stressed about making sure you ask for the right things. Another aspect of wedding registries is figuring out where you want to register. With so many options out there, it’s no wonder why the thought of completing a wedding registry can be a little stressful. But, with the help of Crate and Barrel Wedding Registry, they make it fun for those of you who want to experience a little bit more during the process.


Insider Scoop with Konsider it Done

One day, years ago, Kris & Tyler (the husband/wife duo behind Konsider It Done ——> that’s us!) were driving down Arizona Ave. when they heard a sound that caught their attention. Intrigued to locate the source of the noise, they turned down a small, beautiful tree-lined road and found themselves at the gates of Tremaine Ranch listening to Leah belting out Taylor Swift lyrics loud enough to be heard over the sound of Matt’s circular saw. Ok, so that’s not how we actually came to know Leah and Matt, but damn if it doesn’t capture how it feels every time we see or work with them. We have grown to love Tremaine Ranch as vendors, another married duo, and as dear friends.  Every time we do a wedding or event with them, we feel like the lucky ones because everything they touch becomes pure magic…and we also just really love to hang out with them at “work.” (more…)

Creating a Realistic Wedding Pinterest Board

If you’ve been on the internet that past few years, and hopefully not hiding under a rock, you’re familiar with a website called Pinterest. Pinterest is every persons bff when they’re planning a wedding. For our own wedding, we pinned so many great ideas that were necessities for our special day. But, what if what you love on Pinterest is completely unrealistic…  (more…)

10 Swoon Worthy Bridal Bouquets

Every bride needs the perfect bouquet. We are sharing 10 pins that are giving us major bridal bouquet inspiration for the 2018 Spring. We are loving the big blooms and bright colors!

Florist: Hoot & Holler Photographer: Vienna Glenn

Florist: Leapin Lily Photographer: Elyse Hall Photography

Florist: Whimsy Event Planning & Design Photographer: Annamarie Akins Photography

Florist: Hoot & Holler Photographer: Ashley Rae Photography

Florist: Sarah’s Garden Photographer: Melissa Jill

Florist: Garden Gate Flowers Photographer: Daniel Kim Photo

Florist: Floral Magic Photographer: Brody T Photography

Florist: Sarah’s Garden Photographer: Ace & Whim

Florist: City Blossoms Photographer: Kirsten Joy

Florist: Petal Society Photographer: Awake Photography

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