The amount of projects we usually have going around the property seems to never end. We’ve been working on a couple of really exciting projects around the ranch as well as sticking with the continued maintenance that we (try to) do weekly. With everything going on and all the tools we’ve needed, it’s no surprise why we are counting down the days until black Friday shopping at Home Depot.

One of the projects that we’ve been spending quite some time on is the addition of a storage barn on the ranch. This is huge for us and will definitely be a game changer. We’ve had the idea of bringing all of our inventory to house here at home. This is going to make it easy to take photographs of new inventory and make repairs as needed. With housing all of our inventory at the ranch, it will also make it so much easier to use the home improvement tools we’ve got laying around here.

Another project that we’re in the process of completing is flipping our pool house into a short term rental. Finding the right materials and tools isn’t always simple, but being able to rely on our local Home Depot makes all the difference in the world. We try to do as much of the changes and repairs around the ranch, our home and landscaping on our own and sourcing equipment from Home Depot makes it so much easier.

Growing up the daughter of parents who own a home remodeling company, Home Depot has always been a part of our holiday celebration. Whether that was buying my dad the newest hammer drill (even though he probably doesn’t need one) or stocking up on our holiday decor items like Christmas garlands, we seem to always find home improvement items that we didn’t know we needed. I can’t imagine it being any different this year, especially with all of the projects we’ve got going on around the ranch.

With our new storage barn being built on the property, we’ve already started a wishlist of items we know we will need for completion to make the job much easier during the final building stages. Being able to shop from the best selection of home improvement tools and materials from Home Depot definitely eases our minds. This year, our goal is to save big with their black Friday shopping deals.

We’re eagerly awaiting the announcement of all of the Home Depot’s black Friday deals, and are using Slickdeals to help us keep track of all the great offers. Every offer will be turned into a deal thread that those using Slickdeals can comment and vote on, making it easier for us to pick between great deals vs. not so great deals. Owning your own business means really making sure that you can find the best deals on the items you want to buy for those you’re shopping for (and sometimes for yourself).

Another great thing we really like about using Slickdeals is the capability to search editor’s picks and search the best deals by category. This will help us while checking off our home improvement must haves and tools we’ve been eyeing for gifts for family and friends. Being able to use this platform while shopping all of the black Friday deals that Home depot is offering is huge for us. Saving big, especially during this holiday season is a priority.

One other thing I feel we need to mention about our black Friday shopping at Home Depot is their continued push back against being open on Thanksgiving Day. We’re big on keeping family a priority, so being able to find big savings from a brand we love means a lot to us.

What are some stores and ways you’ll be saving big this black Friday? To get all the big savings at Home Depot, click here!