It seems a little wild sharing our maternity photographs after the fact that our sweet baby boy, Max, is now born. He turned our world around by making our little family or two into three and keeping us on our toes during our busy season. But, when you get photographs taken by one the photographers you’ve admired in your industry you have to share the magic.

Daniel Kim was one of the very first photographers we worked with when we started our business. Instantly clicking with him on site, we knew he was the real deal. Funny, personable, extremely humble and talented beyond belief. Photography is a big part of his life, and we are so honored that he was able to capture our pregnancy.

These are some of my all time favorite photographs of us – ever! We decided to keep it close to home, quite literally, and just take photographs around the property. Daniel came over and we joked, talked about gardening, family life, how quick time goes and everything in between. “I want to capture your property exactly how it is at this moment” – I remember Daniel saying… It was so meaningful and really cool to see a friend understand why we wanted to shoot around the property.

Daniel and his wife, Ashley, have become fast friends. It’s rare to find folks in your industry that you want to hang out with outside of work related functions.

These photographs mean so much to us and we know we will cherish them for the rest of our lives.