It took me months to figure out if this was a blog post I wanted to share, or if I wanted to share anything on this at all. But, I figured today was just as good as any other to share that my dad has cancer. It’s been quite the journey so far starting at the end of 2017. My dad was dealing with horrible pains, that had doctors initially diagnose him with a hernia. After multiple doctor visits, tests, and even my own mother doing her own research, it turns out it wasn’t just a hernia. As of November 2018, my dad was diagnosed with severe (& supposedly a rare form of) prostate cancer. Today, both Matt and I really wanted to share some personal thoughts and requests from our hearts.

When we started this business, we both had such a great idea of what it is that we wanted versus what we knew we didn’t want. That, for me, all stems from having parents who encourage and push you towards following your goals and passions. My parents started their business, Classic Home Improvements, over 30 years ago. When we think of mentors or someone who has been in a successful position of owning their own business, my parents are first on the list. We’ve learned a lot from them and I know that no matter what happens, we always will be learning things from them.

My dad has always been the type of person who sees no roadblocks in anything. He has always been determined to make a project work of complete something even if it can’t be done. He is one of the hardest working people I know, and is ALWAYS willing to drop what he is doing for someone else; my mom too. They’re two of the most selfless people I’ve ever known. When my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer, we were told “this is the type of cancer you would want to get diagnosed with…” Supposedly, there are good cancers and bad cancers… the good are usually treatable, and the bad end in heartbreak and grief that surpasses anything you may ever encounter. I’ve had people in my life who have dealt with both the good and the bad. But to be completely honest, no cancer is good and they’re all bad. I don’t really think calling the lesser of something horrible good is a good idea ever. So, once we hear it is prostate cancer, my family all starts researching and figuring out what that actually looks like. The original plan was a bit more simplified, but when they went in for a surgery procedure, the cancer had spread. It spread to his bladder and a small part of his colon. At that point, the entire treatment plan that was supposed to be a bit more ‘simple’, turned into something more drastic. Chemo, surgery, radiation, tons of tests… it wasn’t the plan any of us were wanting but it is the plan my dad is taking. My dad is now done with his second round of chemotherapy, and has four more to go. He has every intention of beating this (we all do). Cancer is horrible and the amount of individuals who suffer from this is absolutely heart breaking.

The other day, my dad started losing his hair. He is going through two different types of chemo treatment. His prostate cancer has turned into a rarity – meaning, the doctors haven’t seen this happen with typical prostate cancer patients. With the two different types of chemotherapy, he gets two treatments back to back. The first 21 days after his first round of treatment, he had every side effect. And, his hair started coming out really quickly.

The reason I wanted to share this information publicly, was because it will continue to change our lives and our work. We are still very much working and booking for Tremaine Events, but we are also taking time away from things like the blog, instagram, as well as The Ivy Event. We are focussing on our extra time with our family, spending time with them and helping as needed around the house. We’ve always been very transparent about personal and work here. As much as we love sharing many aspects of what life looks like as business owners, we also really love being able to process and work through certain life changes on our own time and be able to share when we feel ready to open up.

Lastly, we know that everyone believes in different powers of healing… We are asking for any prayers, good thoughts and positive vibes to be sent our way. We feel very optimistic that everything will work out how it is supposed to, and are moving forward with the best treatment that the doctors are prescribing for my dad. It doesn’t make it any easier, but we are all keeping our sense of humor and normality as best as we can.

My dad is one of the strongest, smartest, funniest and most selfless people I have ever known. He continues to work his ass off during the day while undergoing his double chemo treatments. He is always onto the next task or chore around the yard before you have a chance to get to it. He worked so hard to get our home remodel finished and was so excited to do it with us along the way. He has the funniest jokes about cancer, which, maybe are only funny to us because laughter is our favorite medicine. He always puts others before him and will drop anything to help us or anyone he loves. We are so thankful for everything he does and appreciate his impact on how our business has grown, our lives and overall everything he has ever done for us, especially me during my childhood. We’ve learned a lot from him and know he can’t help himself so that won’t be going away anytime soon 🙂

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for taking the time to always be so supportive and encouraging to us. We appreciate you all so much and can’t believe how lucky we are to be on a platform like this where we share updates personal and business, and know that no matter what happens we have a really great community. It means the world to all of us!