If you’ve been a guest to a wedding, chances are you have a little ‘thank you’ gift sitting at your table or set up to grab on your way out as a parting gift. Today, we’re sharing 6 Pinterest Worthy Wedding Favors that we think will show your guests how much you loved celebrating your wedding with them, and won’t be left in the car for weeks to come.

Custom Candles

Everyone loves a candle – that is just a matter a fact. So why shouldn’t your guests be treated to something special that reminds them of the time they attended the best wedding ever, with something they’ll love! We absolutely adore the custom candles offered through Standard Wax. Not only are they customizable to fit your budget, they also hold a deeper purpose for the day. Scent is known to impact our moods just as much as the environment we’re in.┬áIf you smell the most magical scented candle at a momentous occasion, chances are that every time you smell a similar scent after, you’ll be quickly reminded of that night you danced your butt off on the dance floor and had the best wedding cake ever. We think custom candles are the best favor you could get, which is no wonder why they’re first on our 6 Pinterest Worthy Wedding Favors list.

The Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit

If you’re wanting your guests to enjoy the day after your wedding, we love the idea of a favor that can carry into the morning after. The magic with this Bloody Mary cocktail kit, is that they’re designed to pair with single serve spirits – most commonly served on flights or stocked in your hotel mini bar. And if not used for the day after, they may find themselves stashing away this perfect cocktail kit in their bag until the perfect moment comes.

A Pashmina Wrap

If you’re having an event outside, a simple and practical favor is a pashmina wrapped up ready to be used that night. Many events are in the evening, and once the sun sets, it can change the atmosphere of the event entirely. Some events have heaters or fire pits, but if your venue doesn’t allow either one of those a simple fix could be something cozy for your guests to wrap around themselves. We love these ivory pashmina wraps. You can easily roll them up and tie them with a cute tag. Simple, practical and easily a take home gift guests will be thanking you for. So practical and a must for our 6 Pinterest Worthy Wedding Favors list.

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Parasol or Sunglasses

Back to chatting about the elements that an outdoor wedding may have… we can’t forget about the sunshine! We are big believers that the weather shouldn’t dampen the time your guests are having. If your ceremony is during the day with a bright sun, offering your guests a favor at the time of arrival like a parasol or sunglasses, is a great way to make sure that your guests are able to have the time of their lives without squinting or getting sunburned.

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Palo Santo or Sage Bundles

Did you know that the wedding industry has a pretty big impact on waste… I mean, think about… the food, the flowers, the clothing you only wear once, the decor, candles… the list can kind of go on and on. Why not add something a little more environmentally friendly for your guests to take home as a favor. We think that something like a bundle of palo santo or sage bundles to take home is the perfect treat, with some seriously refreshing and cleansing powers.

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Seeds to Plant

This is definitely not the newest idea, but boy, is it one that we still love. The idea of gifting your clients something to grow, as your relationship starts this new chapter, is a beautiful idea. We love these seed packet favors that are so simple, but can really last a lifetime, if given the proper love and care. We had to include these cuties in our 6 Pinterest Worthy Wedding Favors list.

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