If you’ve been following us along, you’ve noticed the sudden influx of balloon installations. We’ve loved being able to add a new service to the offerings we pride ourselves. But, we’ve recently found ourselves asking… Why are balloon installations so popular? Where did this unique decoration addition come from and why is Pinterest suddenly filled with balloon installation photographs?

You see, there is something about color that really makes your event come to life. Whether it is muted tones or greens and white, it really is all about color. When you’re able to add in color of any variation, you’re able to create just another element of design to your event. Balloons are an easy and fun way to do just that.

Balloon installations really aren’t anything new. If you’ve been on Pinterest or Instagram for the last 10 years+, chances are you’ve seen the art installations from Geranimo or Charles Petillon. They’re both incredible artists who have taken their talent for design and creation, and built a beautiful reputation for themselves. What started off is a grand art installation that scream party, is now something that you can either pay a professional to do, or find the perfect DIY that fits your skill level. In fact, our very first installation was a DIY from a friend, and it just turned into a process of us finding the absolute best way for us to do our installation work.

One of the things that we’ve loved seeing is all of the unique ways that people design their own installations. You can buy kits, look up DIY’s online or videos on YouTube, to find out what kind of installation you’re looking for and go from there.

Lastly, we think people are loving these balloon installations because people love a show stopper. Whether that is a beautiful dessert table, a cool photobooth backdrop, or a balloon installation behind your band, the element of impressing your guests with something they haven’t seen before makes for a pretty neat party trick if you ask us.