A few weeks back, we celebrated a close friends birthday with a girls trip to Joshua Tree. I had been to Joshua Tree just twice before, and both of those times were vastly different. The first time, we went camping with some friends and stay in a campground within Joshua Tree National Park. It was magical! We love camping, but rarely plan to go or even get to camp that often. Nice weather means busy season for work, so it is hard to plan a trip to camp. The second time we went to Joshua Tree, it was for a dinner with Moonrise Standard at a private residence. This dinner was also magical. But this third time, it was just me (Leah), headed to an Air bnb with some close girl friends for a weekday vacation in Joshua Tree.ย 

We set out at the beginning of the week; Monday. All of the girls who were able to get away are creatives, so it was a group of talented females who all work for themselves, so getting away on a Monday was relatively easy. We checked into the most beautiful Air bnb, claimed our rooms, and immediately settled in to some seriously relaxing. I mean, it is super rare to get a group of 6 people together let alone with the trip starting on a Monday. It was perfect. We spent the days for the most part reading books, having meaningful conversation, laughing until we cried, putting on face masks, cooking together and really just spending quality time together. There was NO television in the house, which I personally loved. We’ve been personally toying around with the idea of getting rid of our tv when we remodel our home, but haven’t made our decision just yet.

On our last day, we all woke up and enjoyed breakfast together. After breakfast, we all started packing up and loading the cars. On our way home, we had plans to go to a sound bath. I’ve never experienced something like this before, but it was an experience, I will say that much. If you’re interested in reading more about the one we went to, you can check out here. It was an interesting experience and truly think everyone should experience something like this for themselves. After the sound bath, we hit up the cutest restaurant on the way out with the cutest owner and enjoyed some time eating good food before hitting the road. I must say, one of my favorite things about the entire trip was my drive home listening and explaining Hamilton to the car. It was something that I didn’t know I loved as much as I did, but writing this recap, it was the best and something I will probably remember forever. Although we spent just a few short days nestled up in our private retreat, I think I can speak for all of us saying that it was the perfect amount of time to unplug, enjoy some new surroundings and laugh with close friends. Can’t wait for the next trip!