It’s that time of the year where everything seems to be going going going… Slowing down is hard to do when every weekend is filled with weddings and work with Tremaine Events, and the weeks are filled with preparation for the next. Finding time to sit, think, reflect and figure out just where we want our small business to go is something we do quite a lot. We’ve changed direction time and time again, but with every change comes the refreshing and exciting outlook of something new. With every new opportunity or experience comes education and an opportunity to learn a long the way. We’ve been trying to find time to spend with friends and family as much as we can. We are very much ‘yes’ people and love to be social. But, we do love to spend quality time together.¬†

Earlier this month, we decided to treat ourselves to a little afternoon cheese board and wine outside while the sun went down. Finding these little pockets of happiness where we can sit, reflect on the past weekend, and see how we want to grow moving forward is always something we look forward to. We recently got a couple of bottles of wine from Robert Hall Winery, that we were excited to try.¬†Finding a way to enjoy some quality time outside while enjoying a delicious bottle of wine is honestly as close to a perfect evening as we can get. We believe that wine shouldn’t be something that makes people feel nervous, but brings us together. We love to chat about things that went great, things that we can improve on and a little bit of everything in between. It’s always so fun and busy during our ‘season’ that its refreshing to find time to actually reflect on all the hard work we do. What are some ways that you like to reflect and unwind?¬†