Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, throwing a company party or hosting an intimate dinner for friends, we believe adding special touches can make the experience more fun and memorable for everyone. Today, we’re sharing all about the answer to why to choose specialty rentals for your event. 

Creating a unique experience for your guests with beautiful décor can make even the smallest event feel a little more special. You would be surprised by the reaction friends will have to getting their own cool seat for the evening. It seems like such a simple touch but guests will appreciate not only your attention to detail but also your effort to go above and beyond to make their experience as special as possible. I understand that we are fairly rare in our love for creating painstakingly unique experiences from top to bottom. We are however, not rare in our affection for attending events filled with an eye for detail. As a host, making an event such as a wedding or dinner feel special is all about the details and drawing your guests in. Simple touches like a fun backdrop or cozy lounge will make guests more excited to engage in whatever else their host has in store next.  When we host dinners at our home, finding the perfect table sets the tone for getting creative with the rest of the setting. We also like to set our dinner apart by using different styles of seating. For an intimate dinner you can never go wrong with some classic garden chairs or family style bench seating. From there we like to add vintage goblets in a color that blends with the rest of the décor. We find that adding vintage goblets to our settings it gives the table a pop of color, allowing you to use more neutral tones for your plates and flatware. Finish the setting off with some brass candlesticks and you have the start of a beautiful evening.

Photography by Karlee K Photography, Melissa Jill, Luke & Mallory, & Henry Photography