This past weekend, we hosted our 4th annual Haunted Halloween bash at the ranch. We always love planning and putting this party on. Halloween is one of our all time favorite holidays. Being able to dress up and get creative with a costume is so much fun. With our past events, we decided on a theme for our decor. Our past events include decor themed around Stranger Things & It, but this year we went with something a little more broad; freak show! 

The first idea in mind to create our ‘freak show’ setting was to figure out how we could bring the concept of a circus tent to our home without actually using a tent. I came up with the idea of going to our local thrift stores and buying a ton of used sheets in reds & whites. I thought if we could take the sheets, shred them into skinny fabric pieces and tie those together, we could create a unique ‘big top’ display to canopy the event. The look was exactly what I was hoping for. We also ended up making a really unique entry way with the idea of entering a circus tent. We found some plywood scraps around the yard and had some extra cafe lights. Once we sketched the shape of our arrow and entrance arch, we got to work drilling holes and assembling. The overall goal was achieved and we were so happy with the outcome.

Last year we did a huge red balloon installation all throughout the inside of where we hosted last year, to play off of the red balloons in It. This year, Leah had an idea of create a balloon installation for the front of our house. Every year in our neighborhood, there is a chili dinner and hay ride for the kids to go around and trick or treat. This year, we wanted to create something cool and exciting for when they kids came to trick or treat. We put up some lights and ended up having a lot of extra time, even after this install was up, to get ready for our party. They always end up landing on the same day.

One of the other details that we really love to do every year is create our trophies for ‘best of’ categories. We have the same 5 categories every year: Scariest, Funniest, Sexiest, Couple & Best Overall! We always get gift cards to go with our homemade trophies. We dresses as an astronaut and an alien of some sort, with homemade rocket packs & helmets.  I mentioned it this year at our party when announcing the winners, but one of my favorite things about our Halloween party is the amount of unique costumes. I grew up always wanted to go to a Halloween party like you saw in the movies. You know that ones where every single character has a unique costume and no two people are dressed the same. That happens every year. Our friends are so creative and always go all out for our party and we are seriously SO honored to host everyone at our home. We realized that hosting events and putting in the effort, time and energy to create events for our friends and family is our love language. Final shout out to our wonderful family. Every year Leah’s parents go all out and are just as excited to host an amazing event as we are, so it is always super helpful when you have people who are excited for your event. We love hosting and can’t wait until next year!