We’re big fans of celebrating life’s exciting moments – big and small – in big and small ways. Whether you’re planning an epic engagement shoot or considering a 300+ wedding at your dream venue, it really doesn’t matter how you decide to celebrate as long as it is exactly what you want. Looking back on any sort of event, the first think you should remember is how happy you were. Today, we’re sharing the cutest and thoughtful intimate boho bridal shower. Bride to be, Madi, was surrounded with her closest friends and family at a private residence where it was just the right amount of details to make this shower so special.


The internet is so saturated with these big, extravagant events. Don’t get us wrong, I mean, we survive from big, extravagant events. It is what keeps Tremaine Events running and keeping a roof over our head. But do you ever look at events and think “wow, there is NO WAY I could ever have an event like that?” It can get really discouraging – truly! But, this bridal shower is the perfect amount of planned and designed to make it realistic for someone planning a bridal shower with a budget.

Finding a friend or close family member who has a nice home who isn’t afraid of hosting events is a great way to save money on a venue or renting a room out a restaurant. People love hosting events as long as the amount of money and effort they’re putting in is realistic. Madi had her bridal shower at Lexi Grace Design’s residence where on property she has the most beautiful storage barn that she uses for business. We’ve worked with Lexi in the past on really fun projects, so it wasn’t the first time we’ve delivered and worked with Lexi. Her property is actually one of our favorite private residences that we have worked it. The point I am trying to make is that you shouldn’t feel like you need to spend a ton of money on a venue, when I am sure if you have someone in your life who has a beautiful home and they love to host.

Keeping the decorations and details thoughtful for your bridal shower is a game changer. Don’t be afraid to DIY a few elements like a chalkboard signs, centerpieces and favors. We LOVED how these beautiful desert inspired tables stole the show. With cute mini succulent favors at each place setting and a larger potted cactus as the focal point in the middle of Tremaine Events harvest tables, the setting was perfect for this intimate boho bridal shower. I also am a sucker for shower games. The ones at this bridal shower were so cute and kept the entertainment going for sure.