Halloween is definitely one of our favorite holidays to celebrate. It’s the first holiday in Arizona where the weather starts to actually cool down. It’s what we like to call the door to the holidays. Once Halloween rolls around, you’re set for a few months of holiday fun. With events, how often do they stay set up for you to enjoy multiple days? Not very. Being able to decorate our home for the seasons that we really love gives us an opportunity for a fun and creative outlet that we can enjoy for more than 24 hours.

With our home being so small (we live in the guest house on the main Tremaine Ranch property), we really have to be smart with how we choose to decorate and what pieces we use. We also have to remember that we own two cats who are wild and love to play with things that maybe aren’t made to be played with. We also want to keep our home functional. There are so many great ideas on how you can decorate your home for any sort of holiday, but keeping the place where you go to unwind as a functional space is really important. With small details like pumpkins, great candles and the cutest Halloween print, we love being able to decorate our home. This is also going to be the last holiday season that we celebrate in our home as it is (more on that soon) and are excited to see the changes we make soon. In the meantime, Halloween excitement is REAL folks. In a few weeks, we’ll be hosting our annual Halloween party. This event is one of our favorites that we plan, and we can’t wait to share all the details on the party soon. In the mean time, we want to know what are some ways that you decorate your home for the holidays?