We’re big believers in unique details for weddings and events. Whether you’re going for a bright and colorful vibe with a rainbow wall or an epic balloon installation to have your guests’ jaw drop to the floor, we believe that statement pieces go a long way. Today, we’re sharing our thoughts on why we think making your sweetheart table stand out should be on the list for your wedding.

For those of you new to the wedding industry, a sweetheart table is a small table that is set up and designated for just the couple. The couple sits together, facing their guests, sharing their first meal alone as husband and wife. We’ve seen variations of the sweetheart table through our years of owning and operating Tremaine Events, and we’re big fans. In fact, we did our own unique take on the sweetheart table by having our own table in the middle and tables attached to include our bridal party. It was more of a bridal table infused with a sweetheart table in the middle. It doesn’t really matter what you do with your layout. All that matters is that you’re able to break bread and enjoy your first meal together as a married couple.

Viewing Party

When you’re setting up your layout for your reception, finding a point for your sweetheart table where your guests can see (and cheers) you is top of the list. People came to your wedding to celebrate you and they want to see all the mushy gushy kissing after everyone clinks their glasses together. Find a spot in your venue that gives each and every guest a decent view to see you. These people may have traveled a long distance to celebrate with you, and they would enjoy having a decent view of the VIP of the evening.

Special Details

Add a detail to your sweetheart table that is unlike any other. Whether that is specialty chairs, a custom table that you get to keep, or a cool backdrop, find something that makes it unique and special for you. The benefit of doing something like this is looking back at this really cool (and hopefully timeless) piece that you picked out to help showcase your new chapter together. Finding a backdrop and covering it in florals is an easy additional that will add so much more to your over all vibe


Keep It Comfy

You know we’re all for a vintage piece or furniture or specialty chairs, but make sure that the style of seating you’re looking for is actually comfortable. Finding something that looks good but isn’t actually a nice seat to sit on won’t do you any favors. Sure, you won’t be sitting for the majority of your event, but that is all the more reason to make sure your chair is comfortable for when you do get to take a break. You’ll have a lot of eyes and cameras on you, and the last thing you want to do is be squirming around. If you’re booking a specialty seat from a rental company, ask if you can make an appointment to come and try the chair out. We always offer appointments for people to come into our warehouse to test out a seat to ensure that is what they want to go with. Some may be a little shorter than you would like and some may be a little taller. It is definitely better to have a plan and know exactly what you’re getting first hand.

Spread Out

Lots of times, you’ll think that just because you’re having a table for two, you won’t need all that much space. We disagree! We are big fans of using a standard table or something that is maybe just a little bit smaller for your table. For example… We use 8ft harvest tables for the majority of our bookings through Tremaine Events. We offer a 6ft table that we recommend being used as a sweetheart table. This gives you much more space to decorate, stretch out, and have a little bit more elbow room. Another reason we recommend booking a little bit of a bigger table than what you may be thinking is wardrobe functionality. If you’re a bride in a ball gown, you really won’t have much room to adjust for comfort.

We hope these little thought bubbles we share are helpful during your wedding planning process. What are some ideas that you could apply for making your sweetheart table stand out? All photograph used in this post were taken by Rachel Koscica.