We know that our name is confusing and we know that we do a lot more than just wedding related things. But, we really ENJOY doing all those wedding related things. Planning a wedding, designing a dream rehearsal dinner, helping with a fun concept for a bridal shower… the list can go on and on. With Tremaine Events, we are able to make weddings & events our bread and butter. It’s fun to do all the design work, but we really love seeing what other people do with our pieces. So when Jane in the Woods reached out for some furniture for an epic Joshua Tree engagement shoot, we were so eager to see what sort of setting they would make.

Have you been to Joshua Tree before? If you have, you totally get why it is a photographers dream location. When we went to Joshua Tree, we brought our camera and really enjoyed surveying the land to find boulders, plants and the best lighting in the high desert you could ask for. Finding the perfect spot in the vast desert is easy to do. With miles to drive and explore, Jane and her team from the perfect location for their shoot. They pulled to the side of the road, hiked inward towards the mountains a bit, and set up the dreamy engagement shoot they have envisioned. Now, I am sure they’ve got a much better story to share about the shoot since we truly just rented furniture out to them. But we like to imagine that their team chose to focus on the deep and moody tones of dusk in Joshua Tree. With hues of burgundy and olive scattered throughout, along with our triangle arches creating a mountain-esque backdrop, you can feel the vibe that was being translated.