Remember that rainbow birthday party with colorful details post we shared a few weeks back? We had so much fun working with such a creative team on that one and enjoyed creating custom details specifically for that project. We’ve always been big fans of custom details, but sometimes for large events like a wedding, custom details don’t make the most sense financially. When you’re adding custom and unique details to table or event that is catered to a smaller group, the fun is in every aspect. You can splurge or maybe hire a company, like Tremaine Events, to help with your vision. If you don’t think hiring a company makes sense financially, you should keep reading. Because today we are sharing our tips on how to set a rainbow inspired table yourself and make your guests feel like the rock stars that they are.

Custom Napkins

Sometimes, finding the perfect colored napkin for your event can be a bit of a wild goose chase. Maybe you want to do a few different colors but can’t seem to find the right color. Or maybe you’ve found the perfect color, but it is sold in a set that doesn’t have enough or maybe has too many. We recommend getting a little crafty and creating your own custom napkins! For this rainbow inspired table, Kris and I had discussed using different colored napkins per each place setting. Easier said than done when looking for linens, so I decided why not just dye them myself. I purchased some simple white cotton linen napkins and Rit Liquid Fabric Dye. I purchased the colored dyes to match each place setting that were going be an individual color. It was a task that didn’t take me more than 30 minutes and was totally worth it. The best part? I have these beautiful rainbow linen napkins that I use as kitchen towels now!

Cohesive Colored Glassware

One of the benefits for us to all of our events that we host or style, is our inventory of vintage and unique inventory. We’ve couches, specialty chairs, rugs, flatware, plates… you name it! That list could go on a bit more, but let’s take a minute to talk about our vintage goblet collection. We have over 8 different groups of color families in our Tremaine Events inventory available for rent, with over 250 goblets in each family. That means we have over 2,000 different colored glasses in our inventory. It wasn’t an easy task to collect them all, but it sure was a lot of fun. I remember we would go to all the different spots to browse and pick up goblets & glasses. It was probably for a good solid 2 months, that we would spend most of our weekends driving from thrift store to antique mall to garage sell to hunt down pieces to add. It was very time consuming, but the benefit is that we have a large collection of unique pieces that make decorating and styling easier and so much more fun. Something simple you could do is on your way home from work or when you’ve got an hour of time available, just start stopping at your local thrift store. If you’re able to shop your local Goodwill, you should be all set to find the coolest pieces for your rainbow inspired table. The best part? You don’t have to buy in groups! Most of all the items in thrift stores are sold as a la carte – meaning if you found a set of 12 blush goblets, but you really only wanted one, there is nothing wrong with grabbing and paying for one. Treasure hunting is our game!

Colorful Table Runner
We loved the way that Kris with Konsider It Done added florals to our table setting. She took a lush greenery runner and added colorful blooms once it was sitting on the table. Simple & stunning! We’ll be the first to say that flowers play a big role in any event. Whether that is a wedding, a bachelorette party, bridal shower, or a birthday dinner, we think adding flowers is one of the simplest and important details you shouldn’t overlook. A lot of people may not have a huge budget to add flowers for their event and vote to skip out on blooms all together. But I would bet that you have room in your budget for a few extra additions and buying flowers should be a part of that! Trader Joe’s has a wonderful selection of flowers. Depending on the season, you may be able to hit up one place for everything. But, if you’re looking around for different colors, try stopping at a couple of different grocery stores and checking out their sale/discounted flowers. Flowers on sale are usually on their way out (RIP beautiful flowers…), but they’ll be perfect for your event that shouldn’t take more than 24 hours.
Most importantly, have fun with what you’re doing. Get creative! Think outside the box! Don’t just do something that you see on Pinterest. Try to challenge yourself to come up with something new… Chances are you’ll blow it out of the water and it will be a huge part of how successful your event goes. So, what do you guys think…. Will you be creating your very own rainbow inspired table anytime soon?
Planners/ Florist: Konsider It Done
Venue:  Hotel Valley Ho
Photographer: Lunabear Studios
Cake: aBakeshop
Rentals/ Balloons: Tremaine Events
Acrylic Signage: The Printed Palm
Invitation: Joey Fisher Design
Bartender/Drinks: Iconic Cocktail