Are you sick of all these ‘national’ days that are celebrating things like pizza, handwriting & Star Wars day? I mean, there are so many national “this” day and national “that” day, someone has made a list just so you can get your ‘special’ days in order. This list is absolutely ridiculous with tons of food days like jelly bean day and doughnut day, as well as things that you would think don’t need a special day like Positive Thinking Day. There are also days dedicated to different careers like national dentist day. But, if there is one day that we think is worthy of celebration, it is national dog day. National dog day is coming up (August 26th to be exact), and we thought it would be fun to share our thoughts on ways to include your pup in your special event. We are big fans when dogs are involved in a special event. Dogs are some of the greatest gifts humans have been given, and when you include them in your special event, we’re sure that you’ll get smiles from everyone involved. In fact, we included our dog, Gus (pictured above looking all dapper in his bow tie), in our special day! Gus is now a 13 year old terrier mix who has seriously lived a pretty great life on the ranch. I got him as a puppy when I was 15. Through aging, our sweet boy has been diagnosed with diabetes, he is deaf, has a heart murmur and is blind – seriously, we can’t make this stuff up. We spend more money on Gus than we spend on ourselves most months for his medicine, special food and vet bills. When you commit to owning a pet, you commit to so much more than just a dog. Gus is one of the most important family members in our family, and we wouldn’t trade him in for anything in the world. It just makes sense to include such special family members in your special events, right? For our wedding, we dressed Gus up in the cutest collar with bow tie, and he enjoyed our ceremony & reception with all of our loved ones.

There are really simple ways to include your pup in your special event. The first thing to take care of is to make sure your venue allows pets. Some venues don’t allow your dogs to make an appearance so if it’s important to you to have your dog there, be sure to check with your event space before anything is set in place. This could be a make it or break it deal if you’re positively sure you don’t want your fur-baby to miss the party!

If your pup is allowed to celebrate at your space, you don’t want to forget to grab a family portrait. The memory of your fluffiest guest celebrating with you will live on so much longer by a photograph being captured. We love the photos that we have with our pup from our wedding day.  If you’re going to include them in your special event, be sure they’re ready to dress the part. Simple additions like a bow tie on their color or a floral garland make for big statements without being too over the top.


Remember to spoil those pups of yours on National Dog Day and share a picture with us. Do you think including your dog in your special event is a good idea? Leave a comment below letting us know what type of dog you have and how he or she will be involved in your celebration!


Photography by Vienna Glenn, Lowe Photos, Michaela Mangum, Kate Nelle Photography, & Mccall & Nikki Ryan Photography