A few weeks ago, we hopped on a plane and headed to Wisconsin for a family members wedding. We have a ton of family living in Wisconsin, so our time is always slammed packed with driving from house to house, and visiting as many as we can. Truth be told, the driving can be a bit exhausting. On our last day, we had some extra time in between family visits to walk around the Boerner Botanical Gardens in Whitnell Park, just outside of the Milwaukee area.

To be honest, it was a bit of a somber day for us as we arrived at the park. As we entered after admission, we received a phone call with some horrible news of a family member who had passed. We all took our time to deal with our feelings and figure out how to go about the rest of our day. Being at the Boerner Botanical Gardens and being able to take in some much needed quiet time while viewing the beautiful landscape could not have been a more perfect surrounding for our time.

Thousands of plants bring the seasons to life at Boerner Botanical Gardens, with colorful and fragrant displays laid out in a multitude of different gardens. As we entered the park, our first stop was the beautiful rose garden garden. The weather was a bit overcast, which made for the perfect garden exploring day. The peony garden was out of season, but it was huge! I can only imaging what that looks and smells like when they are in season. As we explored the Boerner Botanical Gardens, we stumbled upon some deer that were grazing in the open grass fields. They got spooked as we continued to walk around, keeping our distance, and made their way into the heavy surrounding woods. As we continued walking around, I could not help myself but to ask my sweet parents to stop and pose for a photograph.

We continued our tour through Boerner Botanical Gardens ended our visit with in their test garden. This is where they plant over 500 new varieties of plants, being tested for their suitability for the Great Lakes region. There were so many beautiful things that we didn’t take too much time with our camera, but rather just tried to remember how wonderful life can be, and when you’re able to spend special moments with family members and friends, remember how special they are. We started off the park with what felt like a really heavy weight, but ended with lighter spirits and joy by spending time together in nature. This day will always hold a special place in our hearts. We loved being able to be in nature, quiet, with those we love very much. Where are some of your favorite places that bring peace?