Floral Design: Primary Petals Photography: Sara Lucero

Seriously… What the heck is the history behind the boutonniere? Some believe that the tradition of wearing flowers goes back as far as ancient civilizations like the Egyptians or the Aztecs, who were believed to wear certain colored florals to show their support for players who participated in sporting events. Others believe that the boutonniere tradition came about on the battlefields of civil wars in England, where each side wore a particular color or type of flower to distinguish friends and enemies from each other.Today, we’re compiling 7 Boutonnieres for the Low-Key Groom. Boutonnieres became popular as lapel adornments in the early 19th century. The fashions of this time period started to include coats that folded over at the top, revealing the inside of the buttonhole. Boutonnieres became popular for weddings and special occasions because flowers were thought to get rid of stinky smells, diseases and even evil spirits. Who would’ve known! We are sharing 6 pins that are perfect for the low key groom straight from Pinterest.

Photography: Emily Wren Photography Floral Design: Belovely

Photography: Tara Lynn Lawton Floral Design: The Bloomery Co.

Photography: Laura Nelson Photography Floral Design: Kae & Alēs

Photography: Almond Leaf Studios Floral Design: Flora Events

Photography: Ashley Sawtelle Floral Design: Ali Fortunato

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