If you’ve been following our blog, you know we love partaking in styled shoots. From a lush and tropical look to a bright rainbow shoot, we’ve got a ton of drastically different projects that we’re so proud to have been apart of. But seriously, what’s the deal with all these styled shoots?

Shoots are a great way for us to grow our business. When you’re in the event and wedding industry, you have trends and styles that you have to keep up with. When we source new inventory, working on a styled shoot is a great way for us to get new imagery and content for marketing purposes. Say we see the most beautiful vintage sofa and decide to buy that bad boy up. Without unique imagery showcasing the potential, how are we able to promote our new inventory? Truth is, we could try to take some photographs ourselves, but we’re still trying to learn how to handle a camera.

Working on shoots is a great way for us to be creative. Working in the event and wedding industry, you’re bound to find a lot of similar requests from clients. We are all for a blush and greenery wedding; they’re beautiful! But given the opportunity to get creative with a new color¬†palette, new design elements and even a new team of vendors or venue. Finding places or things that inspire to think outside the box is exciting. It grants you access to explore your own style a bit more with your own work (for us, our inventory), and utilize the tools you’ve got, to create something new. It also gives us a great opportunity to meet new vendors who we may not have had the opportunity to work with before. We’ve met a few of our closest friends from working on shoots, and for that we are so thankful. But,¬†what’s the deal with all these styled shoots?

I want to be really realistic with you… styled shoots set up unrealistic expectations for potential clients in more ways than one. It is great to create such beautiful projects, but it isn’t what your average wedding or event looks like. The majority of styled shoots are based on team work. Most members of the vendor team that make a styled shoot what it is are donating their services or product in exchange for imagery, content, and potentially a feature in a national publication. When you’re putting your creative best foot forward, you’re able to use your resources within your company to create something more than what an average client may have budgeted out. Florists are probably one of the biggest companies I see that take a hit from styled shoots. Any time a florist puts out jar dropping working, like a gorgeous centerpiece, they’re able to create something that they normally wouldn’t be hired to do by their average client.

Pinterest is covered with styled shoots and it can get a little dangerous. The next time you find yourself asking, “what’s the deal with all these styled shoots?”, we recommend when planning a real wedding, that you use real wedding inspiration to keep your eyes set on realistic goals.

We plan on sharing more of our insights and opinions on things like this more often. If you’re looking for some truth bombs from the wedding and event industry, let us know what you are interested in chatting about in the comments below.

Photographs by Daniel Kim Photography