If you live in Arizona, you know most of us try to live in the swimming pool to escape hot days. Slather your body up with some strong SPF and cool off in your pool as needed. We’ve got a pool on the ranch, but if you don’t there are community pools and club houses in practically every neighborhood. We are also big fans of escaping the heat at a trendy hotel with a nice pool to chill the day away. In fact, we are dying to get our butts over to The Scott to indulge in their new renovations and enjoy a pool day. The days are hot, the nights are warm and the pools are cool. Add a delicious cocktail, taco bar and outdoor lounge to your mixture and you’ve got yourself your own pool party! We got together with some friends and threw a colorful celebration of summer. I started discussing the idea of throwing a fun, colorful and really intimate style pool party with Kaylee, one of the owners of Iconic Cocktail Co. She was super into the idea and without any hesitation said she was in to create a cocktail recipe featuring their new mixer, the Iconic Watermelon Rose Tonic. This frozen cocktail recipe, the Watermelon Froze Summer Cocktail, is a perfect way to batch out drinks for friends. Using a local gin, some ros√©, fresh strawberries, and Watermelon Rose Tonic, this drink will become your go-to pool party cocktail; trust us! A simple way to make this cocktail into a mocktail (sans booze), is to skip all the booze parts and add sparkling water. Kaylee suggests 2oz of Watermelon Rose Tonic, a squeeze of lime and 6oz sparkling water with crushed ice.

Matt has had the idea of building lower tables for our inventory for quite some time. We had some reservations about adding them, but he came up with a really clean and modern design that is super versatile. With a clean and natural pine color, the first choice was to add some colorful pillows and rugs to the set up. Adding the rugs to the ground was very helpful to create a ‘softer’ element for us to sit on. It also helped to cool off the ground so that we weren’t sitting directly on the hot pool deck. We utilized a few decor pieces from around our house like terracotta vases, lanterns and a table runner. I took to the yard to forage for some simple greens that would add just a little to the table without getting carried away. After all, the goal was to create an easy set up to make our guests feel appreciate and thank them for coming. I may be biased, but I think it was the perfect table for our lounge-y pool party!

I’m not a big cook, but when I knew I was going to have some friends over on a Tuesday, the only option that I could think of was a taco spread. I looked on Pinterest for some delicious recipes and found a few that seemed simple enough. I made some cilantro lime rice, Mexican street corn salsa¬†and this lime chicken recipe from Closet Cooking. The recipe is for a marinade and grilling instructions. I decided to marinate some large portobello mushroom heads and grill those as well. Both turned out so good and I will absolutely be making these again. We wrapped up dinner with a cinnamon sugar pastry, topped with vanilla bean ice cream and caramel sauce – yum! We finished the night by swimming in the pool, talking about our Zodiac signs and sipping on that delicious Watermelon Froze Summer Cocktail.