The Ivy Event Shakers and Makers Panel with Standard Wax New Darlings Jar of Buttons Finding Arizona Podcast Tremaine Ranch in Phoenix AZ
Continuing to carry out our mission to bring together the Phoenix community and make networking something we all look forward do, we recently hosted our Shakers & Makers panel through The Ivy Event. We were excited to host a night of thoughtful conversation, food, drinks and networking. With such great community leaders in Arizona, we knew we had a great idea of who we wanted to sit on our panel. Our attendees learned from local entrepreneurs including Samantha Thompson owner at Standard Wax, Brendan McCaskey owner at Jar of Buttons, Christina + Robert Martinez owners at New Darlings, Jose Acevedo owner at Finding Arizona Podcast and myself, co-owner at Tremaine Ranch. The night included a guided Q+A, listening and learning from both the male and female perspective of business owners and creative entrepreneurs in Arizona. Once of the biggest reasons we were excited about Shakers & Makers was to invite creatives and entrepreneurs to listen from people in different industries.

The Ivy Event is excited to promote growing a stable and healthy creative community that is lush and grows rapidly when surrounded with like minded individuals who are interested in building supportive friendships, establishing new relationships and supporting local business. The Ivy Event is ready to create a network of roots within the creative industry.The Ivy Event hosts curated events that invite the most innovative people from Arizona to g row community together. The whole point of our events is to put some empowerment in this world! We want you to feel awesome, shine on and dedicate one night to celebrating the powerful creative & brilliant person that you are, and also meet some new friends who are all about supporting and empowering each other, too. No pressure, no expectations! If you want to dress up great, if you want to come as you are, fantastic. It’s one hell of an opportunity and a chance for you to meet some other creatives from your city, introduce yourself and make new connections that actually mean something, all while having a great time! With cocktails from Iconic Cocktail Co. and food from Worth Takeaway, it was truly a night we will never forget.
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