Question: How many of you who are engaged or married were excited about your wedding registry? Were you stressed about it? Did you even want to do it? I have heard so many mixed emotions about wedding registries… Either you don’t want to do them because you already have everything you could need or you are stressed about making sure you ask for the right things. Another aspect of wedding registries is figuring out where you want to register. With so many options out there, it’s no wonder why the thought of completing a wedding registry can be a little stressful. But, with the help of Crate and Barrel Wedding Registry, they make it fun for those of you who want to experience a little bit more during the process.

We were asked to be a part of Crate and Barrel’s Scottsdale Wedding Registry Event a few weeks back, and it was a lot more fun than what I remember our registry being. When Matt and I registered, we went to a few different locations and scanned things that we wanted and needed, but it was really overwhelming. It wasn’t anything special, but I do remember having a lot of fun. Crate and Barrel is working on creating unique events through out the nation that make it fun and memorable, all while getting necessities rather than wants. We love that! Imagine going into store and seeing a florist, planner, furniture rental and design team, photographer and more, and being able to talk to them about the hard hitting questions that come with planning a wedding or putting together your registry. That is exactly what is so great about these events. Our event in Scottsdale was brunch so they opened the doors to their store early and held a private event so all in attendance were able to get their questions answered by the wonderful staff or team of professionals who helped made this event one of a kind. We loved being a part of such a unique event and can’t wait for the next. So really, how many of you who are engaged or married and are excited about your wedding registry? Are you stressed about it? Did you even want to do it? Tell us more about your thoughts on registries in the comments. We would love to know!

PS. If you’re looking for an event in your area or help with your registry, reach out to Crate and Barrel to get some tips and tricks for your registry.

Planner: Shannon Smith, Sassy Soirees
Photographer: Daniel Kim Photography
Florist: Sarah’s Garden
Braid Bar: Mohawks and Messy Buns
Caterer: Benedict’s Catering
Doughnut Wall: Tremaine Ranch
Signage: Make & Do Studio
Cake and Sweets: Ruze Cake House