Wedding Gifting… oh boy… we’ve all been there… We want to get our friends or family a special gift, but also know they have a registry with specific items that they are requesting. What do you choose? To spend money on the things you think they will like or the things they need. How much do you spend? Do I bring the gift to the wedding with me or should I mail it to their address? Do they have a new address? There are so many questions when it comes to gifting, but we want to help and share our opinion with you in hopes to make the gifting process easier for everyone involved.

Follow the Registry

We are big believers that if someone spends their time on something, it is important to them. If your friends/family have spent the time creating a registry with requested items, it is best to follow their wishes. We can almost guarantee that the person making their registry had spent the time to research items, pick out pieces that will have a timeless meaning to their lives, and also go with something that fits their style or aesthetic. These lists are more than things that they want, but rather items that are a part of starting a life together!

Shop Online

There are so many great things about living in 2017. One of those (which is probably our favorite), is the ability to order something online and having it shipped to arrive on your doorstep by the next day. Who would have thought 10 years ago, that you could shop online for groceries? With all of the capabilities that the internet holds, that lengthy list also includes registering and shopping registries. One of our favorite platforms out there for couples is Zola. Zola is reinventing the wedding industry, one click at a time. We love how easy their website is to navigate for users creating registries, but also for users who are shopping registries. Their beautiful interface, shopping catalogue and free shipping are only a few of the things we love about this site. One of our favorite things about Zola is the capability to add anything, from anywhere, to your own registry; INCLUDING local shops (and you know we LOVE supporting local). This is HUGE!

Does Cash Count?

Absolutely! We love the idea of gifting a newly married couple some cash. A lot of people have the predisposition that cash isn’t as meaningful to the giftee, but we would disagree. Any gift, including cash, is important to someone on the receiving side of things. The point of wedding gifting is to celebrate the couple and to help them start their own life. Some cash may be needed in the beginning stages of building their new life together and any amount is helpful.

Let’s Get Sentimental

There are extremely talented people out there who can create something out of nothing. But, to those who are creative and crafty, sometimes you’re not sure if a sentimental and handmade gift is an option? We think anything sentimental has a huge impact on everyone involved. It is so insanely kind to receive a piece of art, a handmade card, or even a trophy with your name on it (that’s an entirely different story), as a gift to show your love and celebration with someone in your life. But for weddings, we would highly recommend considering a 50/50 settlement. Sure, you’re an amazing artist and created a beautiful serving tray in your ceramics class that you think they will love. But why not pair that beautiful, handmade serving tray with that marble & copper 3-Piece Cheese Knife set they had registered for. There is a middle ground that you can meet that goes above and beyond what most people will expect.

These are just a few things that come to our mind on the subject of wedding gifting and we hope that these little tips and tricks help you out when you’re planning your own registry or planning on shopping a registry.

All photographs are by Constance Higley in partnership with Handle The Heat