If you’ve been following our work with our latest project, Rowhouse 25, you know we are currently on the market for really great lighting options. We are currently going between more timeless or more trendy pieces. I am about to keep it really real…. It’s been really hard staying within our budget on this project. We have such a specific vision for what we want, but with life, what we want sometimes isn’t possible. With pinterest, it’s so easy to find an image of the ‘perfect piece’ you’ve been searching for, but it can cost way more money than you’re able to spend. We want to make sure that the work we are putting into this project isn’t something we will need to change down the road. We want to create a very timeless, effortless and unique home setting, all while staying true to our own design aesthetic and style. We think you’ll like the final outcome, but boy, it has been a whirlwind of decision making.
Below are some of the latest updated pictures – there isn’t much change that is noticeable, but we have made a ton of progress. We ripped up almost all of the outside pipes to replace for plumbing and electrical. We ripped down the entire back wall of the structure and replaced this with a new wall. We have patched up a lot of the drywall inside, but still have a ton of work to do on this. We replaced all of the windows with Milgard windows. We love our choice! With the property being on the historic registry, there are certain design aspects that we have to follow within the codes of the city. Luckily, we found the perfect windows from! In some of the pictures, you can see how terrible the floor is. We wish we could keep the original wood flooring, but at this point, it isn’t possible. It’s kind of a bummer, but it is what it is and we will make it the very best that we can with our budget. We have our flooring picked out (more on that coming soon), as well as our paints and some other fun details likes bathroom & kitchen fixtures. This has definitely taken a lot longer than we had anticipated but we are really hoping to have Rowhouse 25 up and running, and ready to book, by fall 2017.