As mentioned on our new years post, we wanted to be sure to share some of our own adventures, inspiration and thoughts with you all here. What fun is having a public blog if you can’t share more about yourself? I know everyone says it, but we really REALLY love to travel. We love getting away to unplug, recharge and see new sights that are inspiring. We try to draw inspiration from our travels whether that be old signs on the side of the road, going to thrift stores in different cities, or just being away from technology to clear our head and find what could be next for us. We decided a camping trip was in order. Along with our good friends Sam and Kieran, who also love to camp, we decided to set a date and plan a trip. Sam (who we’ve talked about before here), always talks about how much she loves Joshua Tree. Matt and I have never been, so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try a new place out with someone who knows what they’re doing. And boy oh boy where we happy we did.
If you’ve ever been to Joshua Tree, you know it surely is a site to see. With beautiful desert landscapes, gigantic boulders to hike, and fresh air, you escape to this martian style planet. It was so much fun! We went on a couple of hikes (one of which I, Leah, totally fell after talking about how much I hate falling and getting attention after something happens), drank lots beer, and hiked a full moon hike which was not really a hike and more of a weird story time for children. We really love exploring outdoors! Living in Arizona, it can get hot SO quickly, so we really needed the escape before the summer sun gets too strong. To see more from our trip, keep scrolling at some pictures! We hope you like them and we really hope you feel inspired to explore the desert or your closest national park.