Keeping our inventory pictures up to date on our website is REALLY hard, especially since we wouldn’t be the first to call ourselves photographers. But one of the things we really wanted to start doing with our blog and website, was to create a newsletter. With creating a newsletter comes the common question; What do people want to hear from us? Since most of our business is primarily weddings and events, we decided that once a month, we will do 1 newsletter that includes some new inventory pictures, links to old blog posts and upcoming events. For our first ever Tremaine Ranch Haul blog post, we wanted to share with you a few new pieces that we have added to our inventory last month! We are always on the look out for cool pieces that can give our inventory an update, but also love sticking to our favorite pieces that are kind of what makes Tremaine Ranch who we are. To take a peek at our inventory haul from last month including a beautiful wicker loveseat, additional peacock chair, tons of new glassware and some new poufs, keep scrolling!