As part of our project of Rowhouse 25, we created a pinterest board to gather some style inspiration. We have seen so many beautiful designs, but trying to find your own curated design is actually pretty tough. We are starting with a 100% clean slate. That means we get to pick out flooring, tile, fixtures… you name it, we’ve got to get it. We have a few blogs that we are currently loving for inspiration, but pinterest really does have our eyes currently searching for fresh ideas. The fun part is trying to combine multiple ideas into one to see if it works out. We created a few different style boards with a couple of different designs that we are trying to decide which one to go with. We have an idea of what to go with but wanted to share our ideas in our journal, so that when we look back a year from now, we can see which one we went with and all the progress that was made. With that being said, we wanted to share with you some of that bathroomsthat have been really catching our eyes online. If you notice, there is a common design element that we will 90% be going with. What do you think?

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