Last year, we decided that we really wanted to put together an inspiration shoot. We couldn’t really stick on a theme or an idea that fit what we were thinking of, so we decided to start looking to music for some inspiration. We decided to look in older songs, that had romantic words to them and have a rich feeling to them. Then, it struck – Fly Me to the Moon! That is where it all started. We started to think of dreamy colors, decor, moon inspired props and custom made pieces.

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The idea started to take shape and we decided to reach out to local Arizona vendors – as we are all about staying local. We already knew that Erica with Erica Marr Films was in, as she was on board from the beginning when we didn’t even have a theme or idea. Next, we reached out to photographers, florists, make up artists, hairstylist and more. We had a team! Next, we needed to find our models and a venue. Our first choice was The Icehouse in downtown Phoenix. We reached out to them, and at first, they unfortunately had to decline. But a few months later, we reached out once more and they were in! Next, models. This seemed to have been the hardest search. We weren’t sure if we wanted to use real models or real life couples. Models are models for a reason, they know how to pose and are super professional – this is their craft. Then, there are real life couples. Real life couples are great because they have that natural chemistry, feel comfortable with each other and give each other the best looks which we can secretly capture in photographs. Imagine seeing the person you love all dressed up and you’re playing husband and wife. Whether your just dating, engaged or are already married, its so fun to have some awesome pictures that create a really special moment from a photoshoot. So, we decided to find a real life couple, and one who seemed comfortable in front of the camera. Enter Bonny & Shane; real life engaged couple who are insanely photogenic, comfortable with each other and have some of the best personalities out there.

Graphic Design & Printing by Tiffany Egbert 

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When the day of the shoot came, we were so excited – the group of creative individuals we were working with was absolutely inspiring! Seeing everyone working in their element and collaborating with each other was a site to see. We love the energy on photoshoots. Everyone is creating, imagining and working on their craft. We could work on shoots every day if it was possible.

Chairs from Native Events and Custom Alter & Benches  from Tremaine Ranch

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After we finished, we cleaned up and headed home. Not too long after that we received the final photographs from Daniel with Daniel Kim Photography. Daniel is incredible – he shoots with film and the natural light he uses creates magic.

Floral Design by Andrea McKay with Garden Gate Flowers

As we started to put together our description for submitting to blogs for publishing, we couldn’t believe how lucky we are. We decided to submit to Style Me Pretty as our first choice. We weren’t sure if we were going to be picked up on this blog, as it is one of the biggest and most popular blogs out there. Luckily, to our surprise, they decided to publish it! We couldn’t believe it. We felt insanely blessed and happy to share the news with all the vendors that helped on the shoot. To view our Style Me Pretty feature, you can follow this link here.

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Bridal Gown & Accessories by Mignonne Handmade

All images from Daniel Kim Photography

Film by Erica Marr Films