Leah & Matt Theodosis

Having graduated the same highschool and sharing a close group of friends, we met long before we knew we would be married one day. In 2014 is when we said our vows and decided to start our life together. Through the planning process, we realized how how much fun we had working together building pieces and designing for our own wedding. Without having degrees or a clear career path, we decided that starting a company together could be a great idea and a great idea it was. Tremaine Ranch, founded in 2014, is a collective of companies focused on exceptional experiences in the southwest and beyond. 

So where did the name Tremaine Ranch come from? We were married on the original Tremaine Ranch in Chandler, Arizona back in 2014. Leah’s parents own the 2 acre historic piece of property that dates back to 1916. We had a hard time figuring out a name for our (at the time – new) company, we decided that we would like the name, that started our new chapter together, to play a big part of our story. With national and worldwide press, Tremaine Ranch has been featured on HGTV, People Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings and more.

The Blog

Our blog features real weddings & events, oodles of inspiration from home design, event design, styling tips, & photo shoots, event planning tips & tricks, vendor guidance, travel and a bit of our personal life sprinkled on top. Our services include content creation, brand ambassadorship, hosted events, experiential marketing campaigns & travel. We love to work with companies that are a great fit for our audience and fulfill our creative needs. We would love to hear more about what sort of project you had in mind.