Our Homesteading Plans for the Future

Growing up on the ranch, I knew I had always wanted to make this property home for my future family. I wasn’t sure at the time who that consisted of, but knew that had to be in for the plan too, right? Well, many years later and now with a baby of our own, we now more than ever know what we want our homesteading plans for the future to look like.


El Paso Inspired Lounge Package

El Paso Lounge from Tremaine Ranch in Arizona - wedding and event rentals - Custom backdrops, styled, lounges and creative rentals in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Sedona, Prescott, Flagstaff, Chandler, Tempe, Tucson and beyond!

When we were buying our new inventory for wedding and event rentals at the end of last year, we knew we wanted to add collections that could mix and match with each other. The El Paso lounge gives us a little taste of Texas (or we think so). Adding the cowhide rug, incorporating blacks and white details while adding more texture in the furniture and pillows was the right way to go with this one.


My New Love For Nuuly

Late last year, I was served another ad for another business on instagram. But this time, I was totally drawn in. I was curious and excited to learn more. One of my goals for the new year was to slow down on my buying habits for clothing and figure out a solution that would get me new items and also producing less by buying less. I was skeptical of a clothing subscription, because I honestly couldn’t find one where I felt the options were of clothes I would actually buy and wear. Thanks to Nuuly, my eyes have been opened!


Garden Plans and Goals

Garden Plans from Tremaine Ranch in Arizona

We’ve got a lot of dreams for the ranch. We’ve wanted to get more chickens and create a small egg empire (haha not really but kind of). We want to create a functional garden with raised beds, filled with greens, vegetables and flowers. We’ve got ideas of what we want our lifestyle to be like, and will slowly be adding more and more of that this year. We want Max to be raised with a similar work ethic, and know the importance of chores around your home. Gardening will be fun, taking care of our animals teaches compassion and being able to be outside more is definitely something we are working on.


Santa Fe Inspired Lounge Collection

Last fall, we decided to do a total reboot of our inventory. Don’t worry, we’ve still got a ton of our classics, but we needed to seriously upgrade. We bought multiple lounge pieces and decided to announce lounge packages available for rent. Loved being able to create new options for our clients, while still getting creative and styling our pieces in our own way. We did a full photoshoot at the ranch and we still can’t get over the images. Today, I wanted to share a closer look at our Santa Fe lounge.


Bringing Maxwell Home

I can’t believe how fast time has been going. It feels like just yesterday we were bringing our little baby boy home. Now, he is almost three months and time just needs to slow down before. The emotional whirlwind of parenthood is unlike anything I have ever experience. I know its nothing new, but wow, everything they say is completely accurate. Today, I wanted to share a look back at the day after we brought our boy home.


Maxwell’s Birth Story

Sitting down to write out Maxwell’s birth story has been something I knew that I wanted to do before more time has gone by. I knew that I wanted to write everything that I can remember (and what Matt took down in his notebook) down somewhere. We kept our pregnancy so private so figuring out what, if anything, about Max we wanted to share online. But looking back on my own memories and photographs, and how I wish I had written more down, I think that sharing here our family updates makes the most sense. We’ve loved being able to share personal stories, photographs and work growth here. But the goal with keeping up our blog is for us to see our growth as people, as a family, and see how we evolve as business owners. Knowing that one day Max will read these things – whether we keep pubic forever or make private – is so special. That is why we’ve decided to share Maxwell’s birth story here. This post is extremely vulnerable but I absolutely adore the photographs, the emotions captured and every little thing in between.


Romantic Wedding Inspiration at Mount Lemmon

Romantic Wedding Inspiration at Mount Lemmon with Tremaine Ranch - - Arizona wedding event rentals Custom backdrops, styled lounges, creative wedding and event rentals - Custom backdrops, styled, lounges and creative rentals in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Sedona, Prescott, Flagstaff, Chandler, Tempe, Tucson and beyond!

This romantic wedding inspiration at Mount Lemmon is filled with muted tones, soft textures, a gorgeous gown and some of the most beautiful Arizona lighting we could ask for. Sharing a deeper look at the completed photoshoot project for some talented Arizona vendors and breaking down our favorite details.